WIW: wide crops, a mix of earth tones, and column of color with texture

Using Angie’s blog post as a guide, this was a mix of #3/4. Another time I will try 4 with black.
The crops are Gap in a tan. They may be longer than they should be. I tried the hem up as in Angie’s example #3 and may add the button for a more finished look. What do you think.
1-3: basic outfit. Faux pearls on brown leather necklace, chunky knit sweater with side zippers, tan knit boot toppers, caramel booties and hobo bag
4-7: added a light toffee leather trench. Some photos show a faux fur piece for more texture.
8/9: shows texture rich scarf from a river bank artist in Cambodia.
10: close up of texture of sweater and Cambodian scarf.
I think the outfit needs some help. What do you like? What would you change? This is my first attempt at a winter outfit with wide jeans. The waist comes to my navel. I welcome your thoughts and ideas for styling.


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Wardrobe Basics Edit

Today I finished the Wardrobe Basics edit. Using La Pedestrian 's template, here it is:
Sleep shirts (long sleeve) -- 0, I don't wear them
Sleep shirts (short sleeve) -- 0
PJ shorts -- 0
Lounge pants -- 3 ( for sick days. I don't lounge
At-home hoodies -- 0
Long johns (Tops). --5
Long johns (Bottoms)--3
Bralettes -- 1
Bras--14 (eliminated 4)
Knickers -- 22 (eliminated 6)
Crew socks -- 6 (eliminated 4 pair)
Ankle/no-show socks -- 6 ( double as slippers)
Knee socks -- 3(eliminated 3)
Camis/layering tanks -- 11 ( wear daily, will replace most this summer)
Tights -- 10 (4 opaque, 2 sheer black, 3 sheer nude, 3 printed, 5 micro fishnet). Most of these need to be assessed for comfort and condition.
Swim (sets of suit, coverup, deck shoes).. 2
Other sport or exercise gear: 0 ( I wear my regular clothes)

Shopping list: yellow undies to match yellow bra ...1
Replace white and black tanks when there is a sale...4 of each
Look for taupe or grey sheer stockings, better color nude.
Thank you for reading this. Suggestions appreciated.


Musings and Goals for the new year

Angie's blog post prompted me to do some thinking about the new year and the closet. I have started watching the Kondo tidying series on Netflix and need to finish my closet edit, especially before even thinking of adding anything but replacements. Of course, jeans need to be replaced for higher rises. I think this is going to involve lots of trying on and alterations.
First up is the mid winter closet. My plan is to experiment with different neutrals together, especially black and navy and browns. I have very limited browns in the closet and need to decide if I will allow more and which ones. Dark chocolate brown used to be a favorite as my eyes are dark brown, but the color is just so-so with my hair and skin. I am leaning more toward toffee and tans, but am not sure what I want. In February I will start wearing my cold spring items ( more color, but midtones and pastels). I think I am well supplied with summer items having moved to an area with less hot weather from one where summer was the dominant season. Now Transitional is dominant.
Your thoughts are always appreciated. Should I think about adding browns? If so, which shades do you think? Any other ideas?
Any ideas about the best brands of jeans to try for an insulin-induced tummy and no hips? I am finding higher rises that fit at the waist are too baggy in the rear and thighs.


White Jeans Outfit #1 and some last festive outfits

The first outfit (1) is a take on the first white jean outfit in the blog using cognac rather than black. Jeans are not a high enough rise. I forgot to show the olive parka over it all.
Second outfit (2/3) from the last week in December is similar except with silver and taupe velvet with white jeans.
I was not feeling well that last week and some days basically stayed in bed.
The next outfit is almost a column of black with Kut black/grey plaid jeans (4-6). Not shown is a black furry vest added for warmth.
7/8 is another casual silver outfit.
9-11 is a silvery velvet NAS top with white jeans. When more warmth was needed, I added a lavender cardigan as the silvery top has pinkish undertones.
12 is yesterday’s shopping outfit of black Hoxton step hem jeans, a winter floral multimedia sweatshirt and taupe pleather jacket.
Thank you for looking and for any comments or suggestions you may have.


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