My summer fit-n-flares

I love fit-n-flare dresses but they tend to make my legs look too skinny. Ones with narrow skirts look best...sort of a sheath with waist definition.
Here are some I wear in summer. All are knee length on me. In finds I also included my mules that go with everything and a silver bag, although I have a better matched bag now that needs a Find. I wore the white dress this week with white D'Orsay flats and a long white vest. Items are shown in finds.


Column of black 4 ways

Loving black in summer, I want to thank Angie for 4 black summer outfit ideas. After playing in my closet, here is what I came up with:
1: tunic, crops, metallic: EFblack silk pants, rolled; black EF assymetrical tunic, metallic shoes and bag
2: Black Lite: Black pleated top and dark blue denim pencil skirt, white loafers. Photo 2.
3: Casual dress and white flats and bag.
EF shift dress with KS shoulder bag and AGL sneakers. Photos 3/4
4: Shorts, Silk, Straw: I don’t wear shorts so used these Citron of Santa Monica black silk crops, old black silk shirt, Pikolinos old leather straw-like peep-toes and vintage straw bag. Photo 5-7. I’d appreciate your comments and suggestions. Do I dare wear any of these outfits?


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For Angie: My problem lavender jacket

In Angie’s ways to wear pastels post, I said that I was having problems styling a lilac blazer similar to one in Finds from Net-A-Porter. Mine is not double breasted but is otherwise similar in length ( not cropped), white buttons, and color. Angie asked to see it on the forum, so I snapped some photos wearing it with blush and with white jeans. I need styling help. I think it is too long for me to wear with a skirt. Thoughts? Suggestions?
The color is most accurate in the first photos.


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Tonal Olive Green: my olive capsule

Doing the 30x30 challenge, I could put together a tonal olive outfit, but jeans and sweater are in the laundry. I could do the Dre dark olive jeans with the more light olive EF sweater ( last find) and maybe the Bobeau topper for another shade. The Bobeau topper is sort of an olive-tinged taupe, so I included it, but really not an olive. I love the idea of metallic footwear and would add gold metallic loafers and tote bag, olive and cream scarf ( 9th find below) and SE olive coat. I wonder if pearls come in olive? My lucite link necklace and specs frames seem to take on the colors they are with. I will try to link to Angie's blog post. I
I welcome your suggestions for outfits or additions to this capsule.


My Holiday Capsule

Below are the key pieces from my winter holiday capsule. I would mix these in with neutral essentials and jewelry. I forgot to include pearls...necklaces, earrings and a ring.
Do you have any suggestions? I know that I could use some sparkly booties but don't think I would get enough wear out of them. I would like to add just a few pieces of green but have not found the right ones.


A Quick Kitchen Sink: 2 Ways

I had to try the kitchen sink outfit. I have 2 pleated skirts... A plain black and a crazy print that represents the kitchen sink on it's own with several colors and different prints combined.
1-3 are the black skirt with black Paige Hoxton released hem jeans, the closest thing I have to leggings. Are the released hems too much?
4 is the crazy skirt with a graphic tee and Hoxtons. This version needs more work, I think. Shoes for both are Me Too black patent kitten heels. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed! I did get a hair cut after these were taken. It was getting long enough to flip up on the ends!


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My burgundy capsule, a work in progress

I'm not sure how to link this to Angie's blog post because it comes straight from my capsules in Finds. I often mix pieces of this capsule with grey because of grey in several of the prints. These are pieces that can work from hot fall into the coldest winter months. It is getting heavy wear right now. The jeans are new this fall replacing 2 pair with a low rise.
What should I add? Delete? Suggestions for styling are always welcomed.


Copying Mirjana ETA Finds

With Angie's post and Mirjana's recent outfit of pale pink and bright red as inspiration, I had to try. Mine is pink on top and red on the bottom, using Mirjana's example of silver accessories. I forgot to include a pale pink long cardigan topper as it is warm. I will try to add it in Finds


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Utility Pretty 3 Ways + Chain Strap Bag

I have another couple of ideas for this ensemble that I will try to photograph later.
1/2: olive utility pants with cream ruffled top and snake bag
3: floral top with grey quilted bag
4/5: silk print top with white bag


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What I Learned from the 30x30 Experience

Thoughts on my 30x30 experience.
Where to begin? This was a valuable exercise and I want to do it again, especially before changing seasons. It really helped to see what I wore, wanted to wear, what direction I wanted to go. As said before, it is helping me get rid of items that I realize that I don't want to wear any more.
1) I found out that I want to look current. Just classic pieces seem boring. I liked my released hem and wide leg pants and jeans better than a more classic pair right now.
2). I found that I am done with low rise jeans but not skinny jeans.
3). I wore color and pattern and needed both. What I missed most was a variety of color and pattern.
4). I don't mind repeating items or outfits that have a high happiness factor. My EF pieces and comfortable shoes, my black and white bag...all pleased me. Even when I removed footwear and accessories from my 30, I still kept using the same ones.
5). Continuing that last thought, I learned that I could live with a much smaller wardrobe than I thought, if it has only pieces that have high happiness factors and variety.
6). That said, frocks...summer dresses and skirts were missed the most. My 30x30 included only one skirt and one dress.
7). Fussy feet need a deep footwear wardrobe. I learned that easy off and on footwear works best for me.
8). I definitely plan to repeat this exercise, maybe even in September. Capsule building is an art and takes practice.
9) This was especially challenging as the weather turned warmer and i'd not planned well enough.
10). Light colored pieces and white got less wear because of laundry back ups.
11). I am not a traditional tee shirt wearer and should only own a very few.
12). I need to get over saving expensive items for only special events. Perhaps special occasion clothing should be exempt from my 30x30 until I am more practiced at this exercise.
My final set of item photos will come later. I am keeping to my capsule for 2 more days. Thanks to all who read my posts, looked at the outfits, and encouraged and made suggestions.