Thank you, SarahD8!

Sarah sent me this gorgeous silk dragon top. It was warm enough Sunday to wear it. Here it is styled 3 ways from my closet. I wore it with the cropped wide pants and it was much admired, even by strangers.
I think photos 1&5 are with the cropped pants, 2/3 are pattern mixing with a plaid skirt, and 4 is with a black pants suit. I have on the wrong jacket with the suit pants. But it is similar. Thank you, Sarah.


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September Tracking Musings ( long)

Thank you, Jenn, for the September wardrobe tracking challenge and your suggestions as we went along. I did not make a capsule as I knew the weather would be a factor and wanted my whole wardrobe at my disposal. This turned out to be a good idea.
1. I found that I like to mix things up..old stuff with new; maximal one day or two, minimal the next; wild colors and brights followed by neutral, soothing outfits; casual followed by dressy or a mix of the two.
2. I tried on and wore some older items and identified several pieces that will be donated...low rise jeans, a pair of utility pants that refuse to stay snapped, an uncomfortable pair of shoes.
3. Although I have more clothes than I can wear during a summer season, I really felt a need to update for fall..
4. No buying polyester for summer. It just feels too hot. It is ok for cooler weather.
5. Some items I planned to get rid of came in handy to use on days that could be rough on my clothes or accessories. An old metallic silver bag that had been replaced with a better one will stay around a while longer. It is a tote that. An be loaded with books and be set on the floor without worry of ruining it. Same with some old clothes. They are still needed for messy days. Maybe I will even try to wear a Hard Rock Cafe' Maui sweatshirt with a skirt, as Angie suggested.
6. I found that I really don't have any major wardrobe holes at present except maybe too much neutral and lack of pattern for fall/winter. Next year I will probably need to do some major replacing.
I plan to continue tracking in October. I stopped recording jewelry. socks and scarves as it was just too hard to keep those records. Maybe I will try again, especially noting if I want more color and pattern. A few things have been added.
Tops: Total worn for September was 28. Of those 7 were worn twice, 3X3, 1X4. That was a summer hot weather Joie silk sleeveless top in an Art Deco design in black, cream and greys with a bit of tan. I wore it with a tube skirt, black jeans, black silk pants, and cream jeans.
Toppers: I wore 30 including 2coats. The rest were cardigans of different lengths, light jackets, and a poncho and a long duster vest. Most worn was and old thrifted cotton olive EF jacket. It is an old piece that fits in well with my fall things. I wore it with a mustard floral blouse, a dirty mustard linen knit tank and a deep plum silk top.
Pants (including jeans): 21. Of those, 3 were worn three times and 4 were worn twice. MVPs were new EF russet pants, old Paige jeans, and EF black silk pants.
Shoes: 27. 5X2, 2X3, 1X4 and 2X5 ( Coach blue sequined flats and gold metallic loafers. If I counted the times I wore a silver shoe, it would be 9. I am definitely on team sparkly feet. Some sort of gold metallic shoe was worn 7 times.
Bags: 16 total. Of those 8 were used multiple times. A silver metallic bag came in on top with 13 wears.
Dresses: 5 with EF sleeveless sapphire blue and an orange EF long sleeved coming in with multiple wears.

Skirts: 2 with one wear each. An EF grey linen and EF black tube in a ponte knit.

I feel like I have enough dresses and skirts for my lifestyle and try to wear at least 2 a week. I can change the look of most with toppers and accessories. I have at least one topper for every summer dress.

I do not anticipate adding more summer or even hot fall clothes next year. There were several pieces that went unworn or under used because hot weather here is not as hot or as many weeks as in Kansas. I do not wear shorts or sandals and do not need them. What I do need are more pairs of sun glasses and sun hats.