I Need Fashion Advice

I am facing a new fashion challenge and need ideas to still look like myself.
The challenge is a new glucose meter and receiver. The meter attaches to my stomach in front and has thin wire that is embedded into me. Most sticks out and must not be slept on, pushed or jiggled around. The wire can break off. This device is right at my waist so almost any waistlines will interfere. My non-existent hips allow most bottoms to slide down. I have solved this in the past by wearing belts, but there interfere too much with the device now. I have had tights and shapewear completely remove the device. Luckily so far the wire came out too.
In hot weather I can wear loose shift dresses but cold and cool weather has me baffled. I get cold easily.
The most successful pieces have loose elastic waistlines, but I hate elastic waists. They make me feel dumpy and old. Fitted tops show the big lumpy meter on my stomach. Not attractive. What can I wear? This gadget sets off an alarm when my blood sugar is too low or high. I will probably need it the rest of my life. My life style is retired casual but I want to be able to dress up sometimes too. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or ideas you may have!