The Olive Non-Bomber Outfit and an Easter Egg Look

I don't have an olive bomber but do have an older olive jacket. This is an attempt to try Angie's ensemble from awhile back. Should I keep or donate this jacket. It has more buttons than what I think of as modern but I've seen more lately of this style, or something like it. Keep or donate?
Easter was cold and damp, with snow. I rethought my outfit and ended up in another older jacket and Easter egg colors. This jacket mostly comes out this time of year.
Any thoughts and ideas you have for these pieces and outfits are appreciated. My hair is getting too long and gets a trim tomorrow.


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Denim jacket, casual pants and bling

Inspired by Angie's ensemble blog post and her lovely client Nancy, here is a version I wore recently. It was a chilly day so the denim jacket stayed on inside. The jeans are a dark olive. Bling is a silver toned chain with dog whistle pendent and a silver cuff. The sneakers are also metallic silver. I'm wearing an old white Gap tee, well loved, under the jacket and a plain white belt needed to hold up these jeans.
Suggestions for improvement or styling are welcome.


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My Dove Grey capsule

Angie's blog post about grey prompted me to post this: My dove grey capsule, mostly for transitional weather or basics any time. Some of these pieces are getting old and will need to be evaluated. I did not include bone white except the pencil skirt. I also did not include dark grays and some silver metallics. I appreciate all comments and suggestions. I want to add a pair of low heeled silver metallic pumps, although I have not found any that work for over a year.


Fun Inspiration From The Guys

Last weekend's magazine sections of the newspaper had some inspirational photos of men's fashion.
First up, lots of layering inspiration in 1-11, including neutral mixes and pattern mixing.
12 looked especially springy, as did the light colors of 14-15.
13: a new way to wear a turtleneck or scarf?
15 struck me with it's whiteout simplicity and oversized pocket cargo pants.
16: A DIY project for an old lab coat. This could be part of an arty look.
17: Will wearing an extra long belt make your waist look smaller?
Do you have a favorite?


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More Neutral Drape

Last week for Sterling's challenge, I tried to wear some closet orphans in new ways and also managed to create some neutral drape...well sort of.( I'm not successful at posting from my ipad, so will try my post from the computer and then add photos)

1-3:  The orphan is the print blouse.  I like it but it is too warm for warm days and not warm enough for cold ones.  Today was chilly so I used another newer orphan, a nubby poncho, to keep warm.  The shoes are old and I would like your opinion.  They are a great color for my wardrobe and very comfortable.  Can the rounded square toe save them from frumpydom? 

4:  A rather structured drape with the woven long vest.  The orphan is the striped top which does not lay well under toppers with it's boat neck.

5/6:  A drapey cross-over blouse that does not get out much is paired with a seldom worn A-line wool skirt.  I like both but wonder if the blouse makes me look droopy and if the A-line should be narrowed to a pencil.  What do you think?  The jacket is a workhorse this time of year.

7/8:  the orphan is the rather drapey open weave sweater which, again, is a piece not suited to our temperature extremes.  The zipper necklace is another orphan.  It may be the length.

I welcome your thoughts and any suggestions.  Please tell me if the best solution is donating.  (You may have already seen most of these on Sterling's thread last week).


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