Jenn’s Challenge

Joining those who are shopping their closets. My “events”
* teaching ( need to be able to bend over and sit on the floor or on little kid chairs, take off shoes (1/2)
* daily home life. Must be ready to run errands, go to lunch or a movie, dog walking, babysit grandkids. (3-5)
* church/ ladies’ meetings/ to a play or symphony (a bit more dressed up) (6/7/9)
* wedding, neighborhood cocktail party
(8,10). (8 I would wear to top part with a bone pencil skirt.)


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Follow up on my fashion challenge

I asked for advice and got many good ideas for wearing a glucose meter on my body. I have been down with an Infection, cough, sinus stuff, etc. plus learning a lot from my glucose meter, like that glucose tablets are much slower acting than I thought they would be. Eating out really puts glucose levels over the top even if you try. Ery hard to eat healthy and only a small amount.
Here is the original plea for help:
I have not yet been able to try all the advice but so far soft stretchy panels have been a fail. They push on the meter too much. What has worked is using hair scrunchy elastic bands to hold up mid- rise jeans. They are not perfect but do hold the jeans up so they do not fall down.
Eileen Fisher pieces with a stretchy waist, both pants and skirts, have been great. On top I wear a tank top under a longer top. I usually wear a topper and scarf to also help distract from the meter box that sticks out from my stomach area. A jacket, long cardi or poncho is an important piece that also provides some needed warmth. The best tops widen a bit at the bottom. I have yet to try suspenders and try on spring/ summer things . I have decided that a tankini type swim suit will be my best bet. A full suit would press on the meter and would probably be painful. A bikini would show the box on my tummy plus lots of tape to hold it. The little grandkids would want to see my “osier” every few minutes. My little grandson is convinced that my meter is really a video game. I wish. Thank you again for all the ideas. I will continue to explore them .