WIW: wide crops, a mix of earth tones, and column of color with texture

Using Angie’s blog post as a guide, this was a mix of #3/4. Another time I will try 4 with black.
The crops are Gap in a tan. They may be longer than they should be. I tried the hem up as in Angie’s example #3 and may add the button for a more finished look. What do you think.
1-3: basic outfit. Faux pearls on brown leather necklace, chunky knit sweater with side zippers, tan knit boot toppers, caramel booties and hobo bag
4-7: added a light toffee leather trench. Some photos show a faux fur piece for more texture.
8/9: shows texture rich scarf from a river bank artist in Cambodia.
10: close up of texture of sweater and Cambodian scarf.
I think the outfit needs some help. What do you like? What would you change? This is my first attempt at a winter outfit with wide jeans. The waist comes to my navel. I welcome your thoughts and ideas for styling.

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  • taylor replied 10 months ago

    Love the texture going on with the pearls, sweater and leopard scarf!
    I think a button is a great idea for a more finished look !
    Love all the texture and blending of the toffee ,beige , brown and creamy tones !
    Fabulous hair too!

  • Jane replied 10 months ago

    The Cambodian scarf is beautiful with the texture and colour. I like the tan boot toppers very much.

  • Jessikams replied 10 months ago

    Delicious textures and your Cambodian scarf is gorgeous. We lived in Phnom Penh for 3 years and ALL our friends and families got scarves for birthdays and holidays! It became kind of a joke but they are totally irresistible.

  • Mirjana replied 10 months ago

    I like the outfit, so many texture and very nicely combined. You are expert for such combinations. I love the best no 1 , beautiful sweater and pearls and leopard scarf. But I also like the Cambodian scarf.

  • Brooklyn replied 10 months ago

    Joy, you are gorgeous as ever. Love the mixture of colours and textures on you. In this case, I would be tempted to try different boots. I feel that the rib effect (?) around the boots is competing with the wide cuff of the pants. I think a sleeker boot might look better. Dare I suggest white or ivory boots :)

  • torontogirl replied 10 months ago

    Wow, wow, wow ... The rich earth tones and textures are just beautiful. I agree with Brooklyn's boot suggestion as another stunning alternative. Gorgeous as always Joy!

  • nemosmom replied 10 months ago

    Love your outfit! Your textures look so cozy and perfect for winter!

  • RobinF replied 10 months ago

    I also love all the textures! I I prefer the pants without the cuff and wonder about the boots without leg warmers - would they be too low? but overall I think it looks great.

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Thank you, all for your kind comments. I wore those boots because of snow and ice and cold but will try other boots and no leg warmers. I would love to find ankle boots with a bit higher shaft but so far they have been a HEWI in that they are too big in the ankle or rub painfully on the leg. They must have grippy soles and a low ( 1.5" or lower) heel. Sock booties make my feet look huge.
    The outfit worked for a cold snowy day.

  • suntiger replied 10 months ago

    Love all the textures and the light colors on you! Agreeing with Brooklyn about the fitted boots, and they shouldnt make your feet look big since the pants are wide :) The pants should work well with your loafers too when the snow is gone.

  • Runcarla replied 10 months ago

    What a feast for the senses, Joy. The layers of #8+9 are my favourite. So sumptuous.

  • Sara L. replied 10 months ago

    I love all the textures and tonal colors in these outfits.  I'm going to second Brooklyn's suggestion of different boots but that's the only change I would make.  

  • karen13 replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful earth tones. I particularly like the pears/scarf combo. I agree with bBrooklyns suggestion for a more streamlined boot. Or on a warmer day maybe loafers and tonal warm socks or tights?

  • bonnie replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful outfit. I love all of the textures and earth colors, and they work well with the wide leg pants. Nice that you can just change the shoes to fit the current weather conditions.

  • replied 10 months ago

    Lovely outfit and I think the wide legs look great!
    I don't really think the outfit needs help as long as there is something at the neck, like your pearls or your scarf.
    The leg warmers are fun. 

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    I like the melting pot of textures in this outfit, Joy. Cleverly complicated! You're doing Iris proud :)

    I prefer the pants without the cuff, and smiled at the fun leg warmers. 

  • taylor replied 10 months ago

    What about if you dropped the cuff to original and re-post ?

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Thank you all! Taylor, I wish I had taken a photo with the hem at its regular length. I have worn my wide leg jeans more for summer but the twill/denim makes them possible for year round and with many types of footwear.
    Angie, my fashion motto is WWID ( What Would Iris Do). As you know, I enjoy textures. And having fun with them. Once you said something about black outfits needing texture. I have extended that advice to neutrals in general.

  • taylor replied 10 months ago

    You are right Joy ...I agree the twill works year round !

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Thank you, Taylor. I hope you get a pair of the narrower wide legged crops and make an outfit that is totally you. I could see these looking wonderful on your slim figure.

  • Sal replied 10 months ago

    You look great here Joy - love the textures and the scarf is wonderful.

    Being cosy and comfortable is the main thing, but I can see different boots being one way to tweak.....or slimmer pants with the cosy boot toppers.

    I wear my culottes with tall boots mostly - I used to wear with my peeptoe boots in shoulder season but I have just discarded them finally after five years of hard wear!!

  • lisa p replied 10 months ago

    Great, artsy outfit!  I prefer the pans without the cuff, and without the leg warmers.  I think it's nice to keep the bottom half relatively simple when there's a lot going on on top.  

  • shevia replied 10 months ago

    Agree uncuffed - all the tones and textures look fab on you!

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Thank you all!  I will have to show you these wide crops again to see if you think they are too long on me. Uncuffed and sleeker feet. I should also try them with my OTK taupe suede boots for a winter look, after reading Sal's comment about wearing her culottes with tall boots. 

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Joy, I am in awe. Your eclecticism and wardrobe cleverness know no bounds. The earth tones and texture are brilliant on you. 

  • Joy replied 10 months ago

    Suz, you are too kind.  I just wear what I like.  I was a bit concerned how the earth tones would look so am thrilled that they seem ok to wear.  Today I found and bought Born yellow loafers on clearance at the Rack for $17.49...80% off.  (The ones in the find only in yellow leather). 

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