Possible DIY Project

Do you think it would work to reset buttons on this JCrew shirt so that it would stay at a diagonal. What do you think? I would probably wear it out but it could be tucked


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Alteration questions: Culottes

I have a couple pair of pants that I'm considering shortening for culottes and would like your opinions. There is also a pair of EF viscose culottes that I picked up on clearance at The Rack in a size larger than I usually wear that I'm including for your opinions.
First are black JCrew Italian wool wide pants. I'm sorry that the black does not show up well.
1: Full length
2. -6: Trying to show some possible lengths. Should I cut these off? If so, how short?
7-9: EF culottes. Again, how short? Should they also be narrowed? Or should I return them?


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Help me decide: Black blazers

I have way too many black jackets. Besides the ones here, I have a couple dressier ones ( light and heavier weight), a black knit jacket, a long EF knit jacket, and a black bomber and a moto. Do you like any of the blazers? I need your thoughts.
Ack, the photos are mixed up. 1-2 go together. I tried to get a quick picture of the jacket open and buttoned, but would most probably wear them open. All but the last have one button. I would wear sleeves pushed up.


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Transcending Seasons: What's in your closet?

During Sterling's challenge last month of wearing seldom worn items, I realized that most were limited in their usefulness because of climate...they are too warm to wear during the long summers and too cold to be comfortable in winter. Although I change out most of my closet 6 times a year, I long for more wardrobe items that transcend the seasons. I have a few:
*. Tanks, cotton and silk. They are a base layer in winter for warmth and a summer top in hot weather and layer with a topper in between.
*. Sheer long sleeved pieces like SweetPea mesh tops and silky shirts. They can be worn with a tank or long-sleeved thermal layer, even wool in winter.
*. Button down shirts. They can be layered under a pullover sweater or even serve as a summer jacket worn open.

*. Light weight knits, twill and denim with a skinny silhouette. They can be worn with long silk underwear or tights in winter and rolled to ankle or even capri length for summer and worn as is in between.
*. Light weight fashion joggers

Colors: light and dark neutrals, metallics, olive

Prints: animal from leopard to lizard and snake, stripes

Footwear: toe coverage...D'Orsay, basic pumps, fashion sneakers, anything that can be worn with or without socks.

what do you have that works for multiple seasons?


Thoughts on my Holiday Capsule

It is time to put away the strictly holiday items that are in heavy rotation between Thanksgiving and New Years. Over the time I've been at YLF, I've gradually moved from dressy formal pieces to mostly casual or smart casual ones. Now I am seeing that I also need to gather items that are not cosy warm...more cotton rather than wool. Our last few years of holidays have been too warm for much wool.
This year I was very happy with the variety I had, especially using Angie's ideas of making plaid, sweater dresses, and jeans look festive. I especially loved wearing lots of white and shades of white, pairing the with a bit of bling. Sweater dresses, my red wool suit, my beaded wool skirt and my tux pant suit felt right for dressy events as long beaded and velvet skirts stayed in the closet.
I really enjoyed wearing metallic gold and metallic blue jeans and a pair of sort of red/teal/black plaid jeans for casual events. It was fun to do sparkle on the bottom instead of the top sometimes. I think this was an Angie idea for Holidays 2014. I also liked a dressy top with regular jeans.
For next year I will watch for metallic booties and the right holiday long sleeved tees. A long duster to add dressiness to a casual outfit would also be welcomed if it doesn't overwhelm.
What did you like and not like about your holiday outfits? What will you do differently next year?


How to convert a scarf into a poncho??

I have not yet found the right poncho but have some large scarves and would like to try making an over-the-head poncho with at least one of them. Has anyone seen any good tutorials or have advice?


Thoughts on using a Warm Fall capsule

In August my goal was to form a closet with capsules for our weeks of weather in early fall when it is still hot. 

  The goals were:

1:  To appeal to my need to wear fall colors but in outfits that could still be cool to wear on hot days.

2:  To try to keep from getting bored with my summer wardrobe.

3:  To attempt to not shop for or buy more hot weather clothing so late in the season.

I was successful in these goals.

1:  I pulled out autumn accessories and used my small amount of warm weather weight items in fall colors with neutrals

2:  This worked.  I had planned to do this from the beginning of summer so held back on wearing much brown, orange, and even red during the summer, so was happy to see something "new".

3.  I avoided end of summer sales and buying refreshers, telling myself to wait until next spring.  Experience has shown that my needs and tastes can change.

I would do this again although keep more other colors out.  I did get a little bored with this warm fall capsule and long for the weather to cool down.

Now we come to the hardest part of the year, along with the transition between cool spring and hot summer.  The closet gets packed because there are still hot days but more cool ones calling for long sleeves, long pants/jeans and even light jackets.  It's hard to pack anything away without having to pull it out.  I want to transition into a cooler fall closet but usually that isn't practical until November.  What do you who live in 4 seasons do? 



June Challenge: Recap and Musings

Sterling,thank you for suggesting a personal June challenge. I challenged myself to SYC and post outfits for suggestions. I hoped to up my style, look for ways to evolve my style and to decide what needs editing out. I was also looking for new ways to wear the oldies.
My inspiration came mostly from Angie's blog posts...ensembles for her mother, her77 year old client, color combinations and ROG.
I have come away feeling that my summer closet is too large but otherwise pretty happy with the variety in color, fabrics, and silouettes that it offers. In the last couple of years I have worked on summer footwear that is non-sandal and flat, and on finding things that are cool and somewhat covered. Laundering is more frequent and summers are long, justifying more items in circulation. I did not find much so far to edit out.
Our summer heat started late, so I will continue to evaluate my wardrobe into July. I failed at completely SYC in June and bought a few items on eBay, mostly ankle pants that can be rolled. I had added some weight over the winter and some pants I had. are a little too tight.
Other thoughts are that I still don't seem to have a direction for evolving my style, but am not concerned. I do want to try a higher rise with cropped top but that means probably buying multiple pieces. I had thought I'd want to add more color but, after spring, I'm losing interest with the hot weather...Browns and navy maybe, and more EF "stone" while it is available.
Where do you see me going with my style?


Old People Smell

Just when one thinks they know all the humbling and embarrassing things that happen as one ages, along comes the indignity of Old People Smell.
You know what I'm talking about. Not nursing home smell but your granny's house ( or your granny), not wanting to get hugged by the great aunties or have to sit next to Grandpa.
Recent studies have shown ( I can't seem to copy a link but just Google "Old People Smell") that it starts at 40 and there's not much that can be done. It seems that a good 40th birthday gift is scented candles and a decade's supply of air freshener. The article I read says that it's just a byproduct of body breakdown and hygiene, home cleanliness, pets, regular fresh laundry, etc. don't help.
Now, I'm there! In the trenches, determined to fight OPS. I need your suggestions.
I remember older women of my life that seemed to adopt a signature smell...rose, gardenia, baby powder, lavender, BenGay. The old men reeked of Vicks Vapor Rub or Old Spice. What have been successful smells with the oldsters in your life? Should I invest in clean smelling products, strew the lavender and rose petals? What works short of taking up smoking?


YLF Challenge : linking to my YLF Blog

I'm only starting this thread as a way to link Shedev's challenge to me to my blog. I don't expect comments as many of you have already done that. It seems to be the best way for me to locate the thread in the future.