Challenge Musings (long) 30x30 Day 29,30

Day 29 of the 30x30 challenge. I went with the olive in the capsule for Angie's Olive on Olive ensemble, using gold metallic shoes, belt and bag.
1-3: capsule items in use with taupe bag with gold hardware.
4-6: someone asked if the olive sweater was the same color as the olive jacket. This shows me wearing them together. Close, but not the same. Both EF. Also featuring the sweater tucked in so it did not hang below the jacket and the other scarf with lots of olive. I welcome your thoughts.


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Tonal Olive Green: my olive capsule

Doing the 30x30 challenge, I could put together a tonal olive outfit, but jeans and sweater are in the laundry. I could do the Dre dark olive jeans with the more light olive EF sweater ( last find) and maybe the Bobeau topper for another shade. The Bobeau topper is sort of an olive-tinged taupe, so I included it, but really not an olive. I love the idea of metallic footwear and would add gold metallic loafers and tote bag, olive and cream scarf ( 9th find below) and SE olive coat. I wonder if pearls come in olive? My lucite link necklace and specs frames seem to take on the colors they are with. I will try to link to Angie's blog post. I
I welcome your suggestions for outfits or additions to this capsule.


Week 4: 30x30 ETA: Day22,23,24,25,26,27

Well this is Day 1 of Week 4 and my plans are probably dashed. Today is Sunday and I would be at mass now and a trip later into Denver for a concert. We woke up to 4.5 inches of snow over ice and snow still coming down. DH ventured out to get the newspapers from the driveway and said that it is very slick. I am in lounge clothes sitting in front of the fireplace with my iPad and a hot cup of coffee.
I was planning to wear pieces from my capsule so far...burgundy leather skirt, black assemetrical EF merino sweater over black heatech tee, black riding boots and black fleece-lined tights. A scarf and black long puffer coat, gloves, maybe black felt beret for outdoors.


Week 3: 30x30 Challenge Days 14,15,16,17,18,19

I just lost my whole post and am starting over. This time I will add a little at a time. I intend to add outfits this week to this thread.
Yesterday ( Day 14). For church I wore the EF bone skirt with SE bone booties and added to my 30x30 capsule a black/white cashmere assemetrical sweater. ( photos 1/2). Later I changed out the skirt for EF white jeans.
Today (Day 15) I did not add any items to the 30x30. A casual cold snowy day. I am wearing the Paige blue jeans with plaid shirt over an EF long-sleeved tee ( as Heat-tech version is in laundry) and am not counting it as it is an under layer, red LE vest and red socks for indoors. (Photos 3/4). If I go out I will wear winter sneakers and use the same black Kooba bag.
I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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30X30: Adding White Trousers ETA: white jeans equestrian style

I just had to pull out some white trousers after reading Angie's blog post.
However, I may replace these trousers with some white jeans in my 30X30 because I kept having to readjust them. The waist is not fitting well. I am wearing them with the Laundry white turtleneck and the vest already in my 30X30, SE petty booties in snake, pearl earrings and a silk white polka dotted scarf. The pant legs are too wide for my riding boots, but would that have been a better look? The trousers are AT but I do not have a find and will not make one as they are on their way out of the wardrobe. Instead, I am including a find for the white jeans I will replace them with in the capsule. I welcome your thoughts.


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30X30: Days 7,8,9 ETA: 10, 11

This post adds a couple of skirts for the weekend.
1/2: Day 6. What I wore to DGD Miriam's christening. These are layered EF bone pieces worn with a creme and grey scarf, pearls, and silver pointy flats. These pieces were warm enough for a chilly day and soft enough to cuddle a baby. I am not sure what to do about making them part of my 30X30 but think I will keep the skirt, pullover and jacket and work to mix them with other pieces. Later I changed to olive jeans and red-or and burgundy sweater already in the 30X30 but did not get a photo.
3/4: Sunday for church and brunch. Leather in very deep burgundy, EF merino asymmetrical sweater, I don't think the burgundy booties looked right with the skirt. My feet look huge.
5/6: same EF sweater and 10,000 Villages scarf with the olive jeans.
7/8: casual outfit today for cleaning. Burgundy jeans with the floral top used befor over the black turtleneck, burgundy and browns Munro flats. Later I added a thin leopard scarf for some pattern mixing.
I will add what finds I have later plus a complete list of items now in the 30X30.
I will also add more of my outfits to this thread.
I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.


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30X30 Days 4 & 5: lots of neutrals

Day 4 and 5 were very casual. Thursday, day 4, I wore the black jeans again, this time with a black turtleneck and taupe cape/jacket, taupe booties and bag, scarf and large silver earrings.
Day 5 was a laundry and cleaning day with some shopping errands and a long dog walk. I did not get a photo but added to the 30 two pieces...grey KUT jeans and charcoal EF merino sweater. I wore Merrell hiking sneakers outside and EF loafers for shopping, grey short puffer, scarf, knit cap and gloves. I will put some of this in Finds.
I am finding that I may need to somewhat duplicate some pieces due to laundry back up...white and other neutral turtlenecks, jeans, especially. I do not put most things in the dryer. My drying rack is in the garage and, in this weather, clothes are likely to freeze before they dry.
Tomorrow sticking to my 30X30 may be a problem as DGD is being christened. I plan to wear a skirt and tops layered that may not fit into the 30X30. We will see.
Right now my capsule:
1: Black jeans
2: olive jeans
3: AG blue jeans
4: KUT grey jeans
5: floral sweat shirt top
6: burgundy EF cardigan
7: white Laundry turtleneck
8: black/white vest
9: white rash guard
10: red vest


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WIW 2Jan. ETA And 3Jan.: 30X30 Challenge

Thank you, Sterling, for starting this challenge. I have decided to build the 30X30 capsule as I go and to include bottoms, tops, indoor toppers, and dresses. I am not planning to include footwear, coats underlayers and underwear, and accessories but will try to repeat accessories as much as possible.
Yesterday's outfit is in Sterling's post, shown by using finds. Today I managed a photo. My outfit was almost too warm as it was sunny and in the low 50'sF. The vest was warm enough outside over the wool turtleneck and a silk long-sleeved layer underneath. I am wearing black wool socks with white polkadots to bookend the scarf indoors.
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