Today's Pattern Mixing: 2 Plaids and a floral plus striped socks ( ETA photos of today’s mix)

After reading Angie's blog on pattern mixing, I could hardly wait to see what my cold weather clothes could offer. No picture yet of the outfit but the items from Finds: plaid jeans, plaid flannel shirt used as a jacket, floral top...all in reds and blues. My socks are wool navy and tweedy cream striped. It is pretty hectic as the Reds and blues are not a great match. The blue in the jeans looks a bit more teal than I'd like...not good with the plaid shirt's blue but pretty good with the background blue of the blouse.
What do you think? I wore this mostly for a casual day of cleaning, cooking and dog walking. Do I dare wear it out for a casual meal ?
Scroll down for today’s pattern mix.. casual black and white checks.


Styling Lab for OTK boots and sweater dress toppers

Still doing Angie’s October wardrobe edit and need help. Please look at these OTK suede boots in photos 1-7. They are flat, comfortable with tights, and can be worn several ways. 1/2 OTK.
3/4 tops folded down. 5/6 one scrunched, one folded down inside. 7: both folded down inside. Please overlook bruised knee from a fall. The skin is healed but still looks discolored.
The other photos are of some possible toppers for the sweater dress and dress alone. What looks best? Should I even be wearing the dress? Boots in these photos are shown folded down inside.
I am eager to read your thoughts.


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