Ask Angie: K/R NAS Aquatalias and VC leopard tube skirt

Dear Angie and all,
I have been trying to find some really narrow shaft boots for a long time. These are Aquatalias with a couple of stretchy panels. They are said to have a 14" circumference, which is usually still too big. They fit my feet very comfortably in my normal size. My questions are 1. Are they too wide for my calves? 2. Are they taller than the ideal boot for me to wear with skirts and dresses? (These are 15")
I am showing them with lengths of skirts I would wear with them, the black skirt is on the shorter side for me. As you see, there is barely any skin showing between boot and skirt. Is this ok? Except for these possible issues, these are boots of my dreams, but I only want to keep them if they are 10s on me and will work with my skirts and dresses.
The second NAS K/R is the VC leopard tube skirt. It's a lovely leopard print that is black on light tan with no darker browns. I sent for both S and XS and am showing you the small. The XS fits more bodycon than I am comfortable wearing in leopard print unless they stretch out on wearing.
I need your wisdom on these items. What would you do?


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