Musings on the June Challenge and last outfits

I finished Sal’s challenge of 3 (ways) x 10 pieces ( Bottoms) I. 30 days.  

Probably better for me would be 7 pieces for more variety. That is sort of what I did as I combined the EF Ponte black pants with the Citron silk clamdiggers and  dark EF jeans with navy EF jersey pants. This was done because the weather changed and the first ones got too warm to wear.  The added 2 were the newest of my consignment purchases and difficult because they are colorful, cobalt and coral.  This complicated things.  Also the weather.  I had saved the coolest bottoms to wear when I thought it would be hottest…the end of June.  Instead we had unseasonably hot weather followed  by cool rain and hail for several days.  Warmer pants would have been appreciated.
This was a valuable challenge because most of my bottoms were new to me since last summer, so I needed to find what worked.  My mistake was including only one skirt and should have included 2 or 3 as I try to wear a frock at least twice a week.  
Thank you, Sal, for starting this challenge.  I learned to appreciate my large closet and may try something similar for fall or with dresses and skirts.   I did have some laundry bottle necks with so much repeating.  I did learn that I can manage some sort of topper for every outfit and have at least two pair of shoes that can be worn with each.  I see that I need to add more color and more bottoms for cold weather.  That is where I need to focus most of my clothing budget.  
Here are some of the most recent outfits that are part of this challenge.
the first is another styling of the Citron black silk clam diggers.(First 3 photos) Over it is a Talbots black linen straight shirt dress worn open as a duster.  It is worn over an animal print lined silky sleeveless top,  new espadrille slip ons from Target that are tan/white with black toe caps and a sun hat and black daisy necklace and earrings. My hair is put up in a bun under the hat.  I was going for a safari look.  The outfit was fine for my day, A Sunday outfit with lots of time outside with grandchildren. The sun was out much of the day and the hat and sunnies were needed, as was the warmth of the dress/ duster.  
I was less happy with pairing pants with hot pink, a silk woven tee (4/5)and with a coral tee and matching scarf (14/15) And a Ted Baker tee with black clamdiggers (#6/7)
.  Another piece that needed wearing was the Chico’s white utility pants or my shorts.  This time they were worn with an EF thrifted striped linen top ( white and navy stripe), an EF old navy knit zip front jacket, a  black and tan small bag, and navy and black bead necklace and pearls and black and navy athletic slip on sneakers.  This was sort of a fail because the striped to was too short but a white tank under it saved the day. (#8/9).  I also needed to wear a late entry, the Chico’s coral pants a couple of times.  This could be filed under brights and made me happy.  The whole outfit is from consignment stores except the EF espadrilles from last year. (#10/11).   Later I added a second coral necklace much like the first but fuller.   The last outfit is the coral pants with peach and red also with nude EF espadrilles.  The peach did not blend as well with coral as I’d hoped.  A gifted button-down peach sleeveless top was worn open over a lighter peach knit top. (#12/13)

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  • Runcarla replied 3 years ago

    I learn something every time I accept a YLF challenge - not only from my own outfits, but from what other people do.  Thanks, Joy, for picking up the gauntlet and putting so much effort and creativity into your combinations.  (The dragon series was my favourite! :-D )

    #12/3 and #15 are quite different, but they really appeal to me.  

  • Jaime replied 3 years ago

    You really are the Queen of Eclectic dressing and I am here for it! I agree that challenges like these (even though I didn't participate in this one) really stretch style muscles. The hat and espadrille combination is fab and you look great in white and the brights! Great and inspiring challenge!

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Thank you, Runcarla and Shevia, for your support.  You help with these challenges by looking and commenting.  That is sooooo helpful.  

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    These are truly stunning outfits. You must do them all again!

    I feel as if this is true for me and I wonder if some perhaps have found it so during this challenge… the weather sort of doesn’t last for a full 30 days… the seasons sort of progress noticeably every 2-3 weeks…

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Rachy, I think you are right.  The weather is what it is.  Looking back at what I was wearing last year in June, it must have been hot.  In July I was wearing warmer outfits.  It looks like this will be a cool week but next week will be hot again.  We will see. I often change what I wear I. The middle of a month.  

  • Sal replied 3 years ago

    You have created some wonderful outfits Joy - I especially love the hat on you here.

    The ones you don't like so much look good to me - is it the fabric or fit that you don't like?  I liked 6 /7 a lot.  I also like 10/11 - more than 12/13 which looks a bit fussier to my eye.

  • Star replied 3 years ago

    I love your style Joy.  You always looks so pulled together and quite glam.  Well done on maintaining this even with just a few items.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Thank you, Sal and Star.  Sal, the ones that were less successful were mostly due to fit, I felt that the tops pulled a bit across my meter.  It was a bit the fabric too.  It may have been a knit or polyester which felt too warm for the day.  The pants were fine and fit the way I wanted them to.
    the Ted Baker tee was a big hit with my little granddaughter whose favorite color is pink..  The peach outfit would be better if the day were warmer.  I was cold snd it was overcast with rain storms.

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