Ask Angie: K/R this EF jacket???

I've been looking for a jacket for my NAS EF skirt in bone and yesterday found this one, also EF bone colored, but " polished ramie stretch" rather than the silk/cotton blend of the skirt. It is called "high collar jacket". Originally $338, I found it for $55, so I admit to sales blinders. This is a petite 12. There is part of the problem. Looking in the mirror, it looked like it would work if the sleeves were shortened; looking at the photos, it looks too big. I found the regular size (not petite) online in smaller sizes for about $250.
I hate to spend much as its wear will be limited with my casual lifestyle, but wonder if I should see if it can be altered to fit ( It has a back seam), return and keep looking for maybe something less dressy or just use a color or another neutral.
What would you do? For anyone reading this, Please give me your thoughts.
(I also have bone pants.)

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  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 years ago

    Joy, it looks a bit big in the shoulder and upper arm area, which wouldn't be addressed by taking in the back seam. I see that there is some extra fabric in that area on the model also, so maybe that's the style. To me, it doesn't read as tailored as the skirt, with this roomy shoulder & sleeve fit. So I would pass.

  • Tanya replied 6 years ago

    The color is delicious on you, but I agree that this one is too big.  I am not sure how simple the alterations would be.  I would personally look for something more casual in that color.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Thank you, Sharan. I am so glad that you commented as you know what could be done, if anything, to fix the fit.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Tanya, thank you for your wisdom.

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 years ago

    You're welcome, Joy! Your shoes look super cool with the skirt, by the way.

  • rabbit replied 6 years ago

    Really like the shoes and skirt on you, but echo that the jacket seems too big and it's intentional relaxed shape doesn't quite work.

    I wear a white linen h&m blazer which I really like, and noticed they have this blazer -- don't know if it's the right color exactly or the material you are looking for.  Are you looking for something in silk/cotton/linen?  Also this jacket with the bone as part of the pattern.

    Closer to the summer I think is when I've seen  linen/cotton blend white and off white blazers.

  • cobaltblue replied 6 years ago

    Joy, I love the jacket but agree that the fit issues make it a pass. On another note, I love your shoes!

  • Angie replied 6 years ago

    Colours is GORGEOUS on you Joy, but the fit is off. I vote return. 

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Sharan, thank you. Those shoes were going to be another K/R (Keep or Return) but I've decided to keep. They are comfortable and also go very well with my off white Kate Spade shoulder bag/clutch/ crossbody with tan trim.
    Rabbit, I will check out H&M this week. The striped jacket looks especially promising. Thank you.
    Angie, thank you so much for telling me what to do. I needed that and you are The Voice of Reason.

  • gradfashionista replied 6 years ago

    I hope the right size turns up, Joy. It's a beautiful jacket on you.

  • unfrumped replied 6 years ago

    That is a perfect color, yet you must return for better fit. I'm hoping the right size drifts upon the fashion shores for you. I know about lusting after colors or matching pieces.

  • El Cee replied 6 years ago

    Agreeing with others that although the color is fabulous on you, the jacket is too big -- especially in the shoulder area, which could be a difficult and expensive alteration. I vote return and keep looking. Love Rabbit's idea of something in a similar tone but with a bit of pattern or texture. The shoes are lovely -- glad you kept them.

  • Joy replied 6 years ago

    Ack, I lost my post. Cobaltblue, grandfashionista, unfrumped and ElCee, thank you for your understanding and support for practicing PPP.

  • Beth Ann replied 6 years ago

    See that you're "sorted," as Angie says, but I wanted to chime in that I love those shoes!  Great find!

  • Colette replied 6 years ago

    Bummer the fit on the jacket is off, you will find something better. But those shoes are perfect! Love them with your purse.

  • Ginger replied 6 years ago

    I had exactly the same reaction as Sharan! Without looking at the model photo, it hangs on you like a nice structured, straight blazer... until getting to the shoulders. The looseness there just doesn't work for you.

    I really appreciate your post - I always have serious sale blinders myself, and this would be something I'd totally talk myself into. So I'm glad you have the wisdom to ask for advice and see what's the better decision. And yay for other options!

    Those are terrific shoes, yes! Comfortable and LOADS of style - real winners!

  • replied 6 years ago

    It is wonderful when the Forum helps us adjust our sales blinders. 

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