Tonal Olive Green: my olive capsule

Doing the 30x30 challenge, I could put together a tonal olive outfit, but jeans and sweater are in the laundry. I could do the Dre dark olive jeans with the more light olive EF sweater ( last find) and maybe the Bobeau topper for another shade. The Bobeau topper is sort of an olive-tinged taupe, so I included it, but really not an olive. I love the idea of metallic footwear and would add gold metallic loafers and tote bag, olive and cream scarf ( 9th find below) and SE olive coat. I wonder if pearls come in olive? My lucite link necklace and specs frames seem to take on the colors they are with. I will try to link to Angie's blog post. I
I welcome your suggestions for outfits or additions to this capsule.

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  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    Oh, with the viscose scarf by Natural! That would be great! I really like Angie’s tonal olive with a bit of metallic. I haven’t seen anything so beautiful and original in a long time.

  • UmmLila replied 2 years ago

    You've got a lot of good options -- I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

  • Elizabeth P replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful, Joy.

  • Firecracker replied 2 years ago

    Great capsule, Joy. Does the EF olive sweater go with the EF twill jacket? If so, I'd be interested in those with the Dre jeans, paired with metallic shoes and bag. I'd go with the checked or striped scarves, to stay really olive tonal, just for the sake of experimenting with the ensemble. Otherwise, I do love that Natural scarf, with the beautiful mix of pinks and olives.

  • Aurore replied 2 years ago

    Wonderful capsule, with different tones of the same color!
    I especially love the scarves, including the ones with the pop of orange and pink. They seem to be able to elevate any of the outfits you would create using this capsule!

  • Sara L. replied 2 years ago

    You've got a great olive capsule and I like the sound of the outfits you describe.  

  • Katerina replied 2 years ago

    Wonderful olive capsule - many great outfit options! And Joy, you have the most fantastic scarves - just looking at them lifts my spirit.

  • Toban replied 2 years ago

    Wow. I especially love the first two scarves. 

  • jussie replied 2 years ago

    Marvelous- so many possibilities here. I love the first two jackets especially and the 2 pairs of casual pants.

  • Cardiff girl replied 2 years ago

    You ve got plenty to choose from!Look forward to seeing you in your olive outfit.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    How about the Dre jeans, olive EF pullover, our anorak, cream footwear and choose a scarf. 

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Thank you all for your ideas. Angie, I think that would work well and I like the idea of using different shades of olive.

  • Lynn replied 2 years ago

    You sure have a wonderful olive capsule. The scarves are particular beautiful. Olive is a color I would like to add more of myself. 

  • Brooklyn replied 2 years ago

    This is a great capsule. I am envious!

    I don’t see a skirt or dress? I must say I lust after that olive and metallic skirt that Angie featured in the ensemble. You could pull something like that off Joy.

  • Amy Isabella replied 2 years ago

    Lovely olive capsule.

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    You have an impressive olive capsule. I keep proclaiming how much I love olive, but actually have very little in olive. I particularly like your scarves. I’ve been looking for scarves with olive but have been having a tough time.

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    JAileen, I could not find a scarf that even had olive in it this fall/winter. The ones shown are all older that I have picked up through the years because I liked them.
    Amy Isabella, than you. I would like to add a summer top as the Target tank is used mostly as an under layer.
    Brooklyn, you are right. I would love to have a skirt, but the olive sweater dress would be ideal for my lifestyle. I am sorry I did not jump in time to get the one Angie has.
    Lynn, olive is so versatile, isn't it. I would also like more. I would love to find olive in a texture like velvet or tweed.

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