More Neutral Drape

Last week for Sterling's challenge, I tried to wear some closet orphans in new ways and also managed to create some neutral drape...well sort of.( I'm not successful at posting from my ipad, so will try my post from the computer and then add photos)

1-3:  The orphan is the print blouse.  I like it but it is too warm for warm days and not warm enough for cold ones.  Today was chilly so I used another newer orphan, a nubby poncho, to keep warm.  The shoes are old and I would like your opinion.  They are a great color for my wardrobe and very comfortable.  Can the rounded square toe save them from frumpydom? 

4:  A rather structured drape with the woven long vest.  The orphan is the striped top which does not lay well under toppers with it's boat neck.

5/6:  A drapey cross-over blouse that does not get out much is paired with a seldom worn A-line wool skirt.  I like both but wonder if the blouse makes me look droopy and if the A-line should be narrowed to a pencil.  What do you think?  The jacket is a workhorse this time of year.

7/8:  the orphan is the rather drapey open weave sweater which, again, is a piece not suited to our temperature extremes.  The zipper necklace is another orphan.  It may be the length.

I welcome your thoughts and any suggestions.  Please tell me if the best solution is donating.  (You may have already seen most of these on Sterling's thread last week).

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  • Mauvish replied 2 years ago

    WOW! Beautiful outfits joy! All of them.
    But I am drawn, mostly, towards the first one. The soft gray, texture and print of top(s) is speaking to me.

  • chirico (Chiara) replied 2 years ago

    I like all of them, actually. The blouse doesn't make you look "droopy" at all.
    My favourite is the black sweater/white pants.
    I think it's only a matter of how you feel to decide whether your should donate or not, because "from outside" all the pieces look great.

  • MsMaven replied 2 years ago

    You look so wonderful in the light neutral gray tones that I was surprised by 5-6 in the camel and brown tones. You look great in those too. I like it best with the jacket. However, the first three are gorgeous and definitely my favorites. I love the blouse. 

    Boat necks are often a pain for me and they are everywhere right now, but I think your version looks good. I have a hard time figuring out jewelry to go with them. Your tone on tone pendant works well. I will try to remember that combination. 

  • El Cee replied 2 years ago

    You wear this formula so well Joy. You look especially lovely in the light neutrals (#1 is spectacular). I love the necklace in #8 -- but I see what you mean about the length. It would probably be more wearable if it was either longer (or even shorter). Is there a way to add an extender?

  • Murph11 replied 2 years ago

    All are lovely, but #4 sings -- head to toe!

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.
    Mauvish and MsMaven, that first outfit was my favorite to wear, although the skirt is feeling a bit big and shifted around even though I have not lost weight.
    Chiara, I'm glad that the blouse doesn't make me look droopy as I don't have the curves to fill it out. Thank you for your wise words about donating. I haven't made any decisions tet about any of these pieces.
    MsMaven, the heavy chain and pendant did help control the boat neck some, but I plan to look for a crew neck replacement for the boat neck because I like the narrow stripes for a little pattern mixing. You are right. Boat necks seem to be everywhere and generally work well for me because they are high, but I need to avoid them for the gaping.
    El Cee, this necklace's fastener is more to the side, so my extender doesn't work unless it can be hidden under a big enough collar. I may take it apart and try to remake it. Shortening it might be easier.
    Murph, I'm glad that you like #4. I had to get used to that long vest but enjoy wearing it, usually with tone on tone outfits.

  • Tanya replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful outfits Joy, I think that they all work and none of the pieces should be orphans.  I especially like the first one, the colors are spectacular on you.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Oh my word, you gorgeous creature. It's all fabulous, Joy. But #1 to #3 are Killer. 

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Thank you, Tanya and Angie.  Angie, a Killer is a huge boost of confidence. xo

  • Vix replied 2 years ago

    Hi Joy --

    Catching up on the forum this weekend and had to say how much I love seeing these. Such lovely combos of texture, print, and pattern!

    I will say I don't love the camel on you (sorry! but you set the bar high!), but think the purse you show in #5 is awesome. Bet it could be interesting with outfit in #4 since the pattern in the bag echos the shape of the vest.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Staysfit replied 2 years ago

    Oh my! I wish my everyday choices were as nice as your orphans! Joy, you have impeccable taste and style. These are amazing, and I would keep everything.

  • replied 2 years ago

    Well, I like them all Joy! I think each outfit works  so well and as Staysfit should keep all your orphans :)

  • Mirjana replied 2 years ago

    I would like that I have that orphans,  I like them all and to my mind you should keep all your orphans and not  only to keep but wear them.

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