WIW: mixed bag from the last few weeks

The last month or so has been hectic with visitors and trips. I found some outfit photos that I don't think I've posted yet and am posting them now for your opinions on what works ( or not) and suggestions.
1: Plaid Target sweatshirt that I picked up to wear to the a Highland Games near Estes Park. I think it may be sized up too much but I wanted to wear it over a shirt as sweatshirts necks feel too big and open on me. I think it fits better now that it has been in the dryer. Here I'm wearing it with a black/ white check shirt and black Ponte jeans. Very casual.
2/3: A JCrew leopard shirt from a consignment sale with Jolie silk track pants and SE sandals. The shirt is semi tucked in the second photo. Is this better or should I not wear this shirt and track pant combo?
4/5: Tahari dress with and without Wilson leather jacket. Kate Spade convert able crossbody/clutch bag. Old pair of dove patent wedges.
6: Lace bomber with black Target tank and Rich and Skinny coated grey jeans.
7/8: Citron linen topper with white Kut Catherine boyfriend jeans, EF tank and with black dress.
9/10: Each side of a favorite summer reversible dress worn lots in hot weather. Is it too short for me?
I appreciate your comments and suggestions as I try to improve my style. As the first 3photos show, I am struggling with more fluid tops. Do these look sloppy?

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  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    These are all great outfits, Joy! I am really loving your sweatshirt over the blouse in 1--the whole look is terrific. I prefer the top semi-tucked in the second outfit--another winner. Love the dress and jacket together and the dress alone also. That jacket is a nice length to wear over a dress! Cool-looking easy casual outift in 6. I like the drapey, arty jacket with the jeans and with the dress. And cute, fun psychedelic dress in 9  and 10--great casual summer look, and no way! it's not too short.
    Thanks for treating us to these fun outfits.

  • Neel replied 4 years ago

    #1 is just fantastic! Love the sweatshirt over shirt look!

    #3 - The semi tuck is brilliant. What a sharp and sleek outfit. Love your shoes too!

    4/5 - I love the fit of this dress on you. And the mini crossbody bag is fun!

    6/7/8 - 10/10 again!

    9/10 - That's a reversible dress? Wow! I love 9 more than 10 ... But that's just my preference for abstract prints. I don't think it's too short at all. Rock it!

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Firecracker and Neel, thank you for your detailed replies. Neel, I love 9 more than 10 too on the reversible dress. Those colors are favorites. I'm glad that the swestshirt over patterned shirt is getting good comments. I wanted to mix plaids but didn't find a good combination.

  • jackiec replied 4 years ago

    Hi Joy! I love your WIWs, so thanks for sharing. I absolutely love the plaid sweatshirt exactly how you've styled it. You've totally nailed it IMO. Agreeing that I prefer the next shirt semi-tucked. You look sleek in your blue dress, and the moto really edges it up. Oh and love the SE sandals in 2/3 too. I think you are rocking the coated jeans look in #6 - well done. The citron topper is nice - it reads a bit more classic from here, but I do like anything with citron. These are nice variations. And what a fun dress in 9/10! Not too short at all. I like the bright variation in 10, but personally prefer the print in 9. How fun to be able to flip it around like that. PS I don't think you could ever look sloppy, Joy :)

  • celia replied 4 years ago

    I love your 3 first photos. You are rocking the fluid trend.
     #1 is my favourite of the whole lot of pictures
    #2/3 I kind of prefer #3 but you can pull of #2 brilliantly
    #4/5 is my second favourite. Just perfect.
    #6- Ok, so this is also a favourite. The different textures make the outfit current and interesting.
    #7/8- maybe these don't get so much love from me but are great.
    #9/10 Wow, a reversible dress, I am impressed.I do not think it is too short and I actually like both sides.

  • bj1111 replied 4 years ago

    I am in love with all of your pants looks especially #1. I find a plaid sweatshirt very tongue in cheek. Hoping I can still find it as i have been resisting the plaid siren call not finding the right item.

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    Well I could just say you look fabulous all around but I will mention my favorites of a great lot - love the target sweatshirt, the semi-tuck version in #3, the first side of your reversible dress (which is not too short at all), your white moto and you in a sleeveless dress. 

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Looking super fab as always, Joy. That reversible dress is sublime, and you ROCK sleeveless looks. xo

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