ROG skirt outfit for the challenge. WIPTW Tomorrow

Tomorrow we plan to take two little preschool grandchildren to the Butterfly Pavilion. Prehaps this tee will fool the butterflies into thinking the flowers are real and some will land. I plan to wear this outfit tomorrow, although I will sub white flats or sneakers for the kitten heels and a larger white bag for the little crossbody as I will need to carry snacks and such. I really need a white backpack.

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  • rachylou replied 1 year ago

    Great butterfly trip outfit! It will be so much fun!

  • Jane replied 1 year ago

    Super! I love full blooms like this on a dark background - it reminds me of Dutch masters painting

    I hope you have a lovely day

  • Sisi replied 1 year ago

    Very pretty! I like your idea of wearing the floral top among the butterflies. And a backpack is definitely the best thing to have in these occasions. I learnt this the hard way some years ago when I went to an outdoor exhibition (ancient trains) and the weather suddenly turned unseasonably hot. I took off my jacket, wollen pullover, socks, went to the local bar to buy a bottle of water and then did not know where to stack all this stuff ... 

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    *carries off Ted Baker top*
    Was looking for some of my butterfly house pics-but must be on another SD card :( Yep, they will hang out with you no matter what you wear!

  • Joyce B replied 1 year ago

    Nice outfit. I hope a lot of butterflies will land on you :). Enjoy with the little ones.

  • Cardiff girl replied 1 year ago

    I love butterfly houses so have fun,they are bound to land on you wearing such a lovely floral shirt.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    The butterfly house was fun. We all had butterflies land on us. The 28 month old was so scared of the butterflies and she had a bright floral sun hat with lots of butterflies landing. The four year old headed straight for the honey bee exhibit. The bees went in and out through a clear plastic tube in the wall. They were very busy. Then he wanted to hunt for meal worms.

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    Love the butterflies! The blue one looks like ones my mom had in Brazil :)

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    I feel for the little one. I think I would do the same if a butterfly landed on my hat :) !

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Suntiger most of the butterflies today were from the tropics. The place is pls ted with banana plants, vanilla, and other tropical plants. They had a scaventure hunt today for older kids to find a list of plants.
    Shevia, some of those butterflies are large and aggressive. They came right at her face, so I understand her fear. Even the 4-year old had a hard time not flinching when they came at him

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