Fall Prompt Outfit Challenge: first 3. ETA 2 outfits

Here are my first three outfits for the challenge. The first (photos 1-3) are my prompt #23 ( building an outfit around a button down shirt) and #1 ( booties with jeans also inspired by Angie’s hot and cold fall outfit ensemble with cognac bag, leather jacket and booties. I had thought it worked with these said to be very high-rise jeans. They seemed high but, looking at the photos, I think not on me.
Outfit 2 ( photo 4) represents prompt #2 (skirt or dress with booties and #9 ( orange and grey). The booties and cardigan are both grey, as is the bag, but all different shades of grey.
The third outfit (photo 5) was much admired. It was put together for my prompt # 5 ( aqua and rust.) I am also wearing layered necklaces #13. The clothes are all over the place from thrifted buys to expensive ones mixed in the same outfit.
I appreciate all feed back. Anything worth repeating? Shall I get rid of anything?
Scroll down for a description of the 2 new outfit. The photos do not show the rust color or the plaid pants very well.

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  • Cardiff girl replied 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t have thought of putting aqua and rust together but it is very effective.

  • rachylou replied 1 year ago

    I really love the red dress outfit! And the red and aqua is super cute, as is your hair!

    Have to say the jeans don’t look high rise to me and that the top feels too short for the jeans to me. But I feel confused. I can’t personally remember what tops I used to wear with low rise jeans. I’m thinking I always covered the waist, but then what was the point?

  • Katerina replied 1 year ago

    You are so talented, Joy. You always put together chic and interesting outfits. These are all great.
    I love the firts outfit both with and without the leather blazer.  The leather blazer is great! It is such a fun combination of the dark blue stripes and the patterned cognac scarf. The colour palette is also fabulous. I think the jeans don´t look high rise in the pictures. If I would change anything here, I would remove the belt and left the shirt untucked. I know I am very untrendy like that :-), but I like untucked tops in some outfits :-) This outfit should be repeated for sure.
    The orange and grey outfit is super, I like the long cardi over the midi dress.
    The aqua and rust is such a great colour combination. Very stylish. The beautiful shoes take it to the next level of fabulous. No wonder you got many compliments. 

  • Brooklyn replied 1 year ago

    The third outfit is stunning. What an amazing colour combination. Add me to the list of admirers. I like no 1 too. I’m not sure about no 2 but I can’t put my finger on why. I think I’d like to see it with lighter coloured shoes (more like the bag) or with light coloured sneakers. But of course the point of the challenge was to wear the booties!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    First of all, I love your sharp new haircut! KILLER gorgeous bob, sweet Joy.

    I'm with the admirers in loving #3. My fave of the looks. KILLER.

    Does the striped blouse seem too short and snug to you? It does to me. I vote pass on. 

    #5 is creative in that special Joy-way. Fun matchy-matchy shoes :)

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    Agreeing that the striped top seems short and tight, though it could be because the pants seem low. Love the jacket though and the other outfits! If you ever get bored of the EF dress it can come live with me :)

  • SarahD8 replied 1 year ago

    Nice, Joy! You are really showing how this challenge thing is done. I love that you are addressing multiple prompts in one outfit.

    I really like the dress with booties look and the color combination in #3 is divine. That's one to repeat for sure!

    I agree that the jeans don't particularly look high-rise on you. You must have a very long torso (or at least, a very long rise). I have the opposite body modifiers (very short rise) and for me the key has been to ignore how pants are marketed and just pay attention to the rise measurement. (Of course it can be hard to know this upfront when shopping online.)

    To my eye the shirt in #1 seems more high contrast than your usual looks. I also vote pass on.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Brooklyn, I do have some white booties and some tan ones that might be better choices. Actually my more cognac tones booties may work with a cognac bag. Thank you for looking and the idea.
    Katerina, you are a sweetheart. That leather jacket and the striped shirt are both thrift finds. The jacket has a Gap label. The shoes in the last outfit were also from a second hand shop.
    Rachylou and Cardiff girl, I enjoyed playing with the aqua and rust. It was a warm day. I really had intended to use slightly deeper aqua jeans for this outfit, but they were in the laundry. Maybe another time.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Be back later to comment on the rest. Thank you all so much.

  • Sal replied 1 year ago

    I like them all. You look great and your hair is especially good!!

  • replied 1 year ago

    Aqua & rust are such a visually interesting combo, love!
    I like your dress outfit a lot, too.
    I’d like the first one more with higher jeans.

  • bonnie replied 1 year ago

    #3 looks very good proportionally and I can see why you got lots of complements. Super cute shoes and they pull the two colors together nicely. 

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Angie, first, I am thrilled that you approve of the hair cut. It is so easy but absolutely no one has said anything, even the grandchildren. It makes me wonder if no one likes it, but is too polite to say anything.
    I am thrilled with a KILLER for #3. It was an experiment.
    Angie, suntiger and Sarah, I am ready to pass on the button down shirt. I have already passed on the floral cardigan that I used to wear with it. Thank you for commenting on it. It makes the decision to donate easier.
    I don’t know what to do about the jeans. Other than the lower rise on the jeans do they fit ok. They have an 11 inch rise. I guess I will keep looking and plan to wear longer tops with these
    Sal, thank you for commenting on the hair.
    Opal I enjoy, I will see if I can find better jeans.
    Thank you, Bonnie. I chose those shoes to help pull the colors together since I do not have a good scarf to do it. I am glad it worked.

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    I wore a button down top yesterday and I didn't even remember it was a prompt. I think the jeans and jacket are both good. I love the rust twinset on you! The EF dress is also excellent. And your hair!

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, Shevia. Your WIW posts are always a treat and inspire me to go thrifting. The rust twin set is a several years old EF buy.

  • nemosmom replied 1 year ago

    Your hair looks so fab shorter! I love the unexpected combo of rust with aqua - so fun!  The jacket/bag combo in 2-3 is a beautiful pairing. I love your booties in 4 - if my legs looked that great in a skirt/bootie I would wear it all the time.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, Nemosmom, for the confidence boost. The hair will work better with sweaters and coats at this shorter length. the bootie fit at the ankles, I think, is key to wearing them with frocks. If my booties do not fit and are too wide,my legs look like sticks.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Ack. I lost my finished post. I added Two new challenge outfits. The first is for my challenge to wear rust and peachand a long necklace with a short one. Pearls both made by me. The pants are EF russet from last fall and the cardigan is an ancient EF peach open knit. The peach heavy silk shell was thrifted.
    2 /3 is for the prompt “ graphic tee with plaid”. The jeans are grey and black KUT Donnas from last year’s NAS. The tee is from Target (old). I am sorry to appear in wet hair and no makeup with my dog whistle. The second photo shows my topper, an ancient thrifted black blazer. I wore white pearl earrings and bracelets. Am I too old to wear this sort of outfit? Shall I add anything here to the donation bag?

  • Jenni NZ replied 1 year ago

    Joy what do you mean by a fall prompt outfit challenge? Did I miss a challenge? Shevia mentioned one as well.
    I can’t tell who that is on your graphic tee so unsure if appropriate or not! And can’t read the mirror writing.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Jenni, the challenge was started by SarahD8 https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....ngejoin-me. It is on the 3rd or 4th page of the Forum now.
    The graphic tee is of Bob Dylan, one of my favorites from the 60’s. It is a darker grey on light grey and the picture is of the singer playing the harmonica, often part of his songs. His songs were often like poetry and made you think. He wrote many great songs. We actually studied the lyrics in literature class in high school. His song, “The Times, They Are A Changing” became the anthem for my generation.

  • Jenni NZ replied 1 year ago

    Thanks so much Joy. Opaline kindly just let me know as well. Don’t know how I missed it!
    Bob Dylan is cool, so yes you should keep wearing!

  • nemosmom replied 1 year ago

    Heck NO - you are NOT too old to wear 2/3! The graphic tee is great on you!

  • bonnie replied 1 year ago

    Your new #1 is fab and so flattering!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Two more super cute outfits on super cute you. 

  • SarahD8 replied 1 year ago

    I LOVE the graphic tee outfit especially! You are NOT too old for this, perish the thought! And rust and peach is such a yummy combination. 

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