Ensemble inspired

A couple of quick shots of my outfit today inspired by Angie's latest ensemble of olive, white and denim with espadrilles. This was comfortable for my day and the sort of thing that I wear for daily casual all the time. Comments and suggestions welcomed.
Some of the finds are approximate. the striped tee is Merona from Target, the pants are a more olive version of the EF find. Denim jacket is Target.

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  • cheryle (Dianthus) replied 3 years ago

    Great interpretation Joy.  Those shoes are very cute and look comfy too.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    They are very comfy. I walked/stood for hours at the Art museum today in them with no discomfort.

  • crutcher replied 3 years ago

    Cute shoes and perfect outfit...I love the half tuck or whatever you have going on on the side...smile...

  • Jenn replied 3 years ago

    Looks great. I'm a sucker for a striped tee.

  • smittie replied 3 years ago

    I don't think I've said this before but your espadrilles are perfect. I think it would look nice with an orange/tomato red top as well.

  • Aida replied 3 years ago

    Cute casual look Joy! How fun that you've always got the pieces to work Angie's ensemble posts :D

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Crutcher, that is a sort of half tuck. I just do it on the side instead of the front. This time the top is kind of pulled over the waist band because I'm not wearing a belt ( no belt loops to keep one in place).
    Jenn, I like a striped tee too. Right now grey and white/cream like this one is my favorite combination.
    Smittie, thank you for the styling idea. I will try a red-orange top next time ( if I didn't get rid of it).
    Aida, olive is one of the most scarce colors in my closet. I do have olive cargo pants but they are in the laundry.

  • E replied 3 years ago

    You look great! What a perfect interpretation. :)

  • shedev replied 3 years ago

    Nice look, Joy.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    I like it! You are wearing the Eileen Fisher pants rolled, aren't you? what a great look.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Thank you, Eva, Shedev, and Sharan. Yes, I am wearing the EF pants rolled. They work well this way on a hot summer day but don't look wrinkled if they are unrolled for a less casual look.

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    I love when a formula post by Angie corresponds to my own closet and style. Looks like you had this one nailed long before it was on YLF!

  • Jenava replied 3 years ago

    You look so pulled together! I especially like it with the jacket. Awesome outfit!

  • Summer replied 3 years ago

    Another great outfit, Joy.  I, too, am amazed how you manage you put together Angie's ensembles at the the drop of a hat. 

  • unfrumped replied 3 years ago

    Hi hi, what a great copycat, and I agree, you've done if in " your" style for a perfect put- together casual look.

  • Maneera replied 3 years ago

    Cute, casual and so summery!

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Super cute. You have a great wardrobe, Joy. 

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    My wardrobe is thanks to you, Angie. You make everything look like so much fun.

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