Old People Smell

Just when one thinks they know all the humbling and embarrassing things that happen as one ages, along comes the indignity of Old People Smell.
You know what I'm talking about. Not nursing home smell but your granny's house ( or your granny), not wanting to get hugged by the great aunties or have to sit next to Grandpa.
Recent studies have shown ( I can't seem to copy a link but just Google "Old People Smell") that it starts at 40 and there's not much that can be done. It seems that a good 40th birthday gift is scented candles and a decade's supply of air freshener. The article I read says that it's just a byproduct of body breakdown and hygiene, home cleanliness, pets, regular fresh laundry, etc. don't help.
Now, I'm there! In the trenches, determined to fight OPS. I need your suggestions.
I remember older women of my life that seemed to adopt a signature smell...rose, gardenia, baby powder, lavender, BenGay. The old men reeked of Vicks Vapor Rub or Old Spice. What have been successful smells with the oldsters in your life? Should I invest in clean smelling products, strew the lavender and rose petals? What works short of taking up smoking?


YLF Challenge : linking to my YLF Blog

I'm only starting this thread as a way to link Shedev's challenge to me to my blog. I don't expect comments as many of you have already done that. It seems to be the best way for me to locate the thread in the future.


Packing: Part 2, the suitcase and what's in it

Our Ireland trip is this coming week! The clothing photos include what I plan to wear on the plane. I may still whittle this down more but this is getting close.
1/2 Coats: Grey fitted down sweater and cream rain coat with hood, also a couple of scarves and a little cashmere cap. Right now I plan to wear a ( not pictured) light weight Ponte black that goes with the black Ponte pants I want to wear on the plane (also my heaviest bottoms).
3/4: bottoms and the rest of my scarves: grey-green nylon hiking pants, black Pontes and light grey EF light weight pants that can be rolled to make capris or ankle pants if it gets warm.
5/6: warmer layering tops that could be toppers if the weather is mild: mint gear piece that looks good under the down jacket. Assymetrical zipper closure can be closed to keep neck warm or open for a collar. I also picked up one of these in cream that I've yet to return if you think that would be better than mint. Also on 5 are a grey cashmere crew neck pullover and lighter grey rayon V neck pullover.
7: other long sleeved layering tops: black EF pullover, print blouse and white REI thermal pullover.
8: short sleeved layering pieces: tec fabric green tee and silky poly gold tee. These are in case the weather turns warmer than seasonal. I may remove one or both.
9. Layering tank tops for warmth or possible sleeping. I've already removed the grey stripe. None of these are cotton, so quick dry. I plan to wear the black one under the black EF long sleeved top on the plane..lots of black but I'll add a scarf to lighten it up. Shoes were on the first packing thread...3 pair: black New Balance ballet flats, grey slip on quick-dry sneakers, and the waterproof La Canadienne short boots that I'll wear on the plane (heaviest).
10: my suitcase tote with all clothes in the packing envelope and all underwear, long underwear, socks, etc. in a half packing cube. Shoes are in there in zip-loc bags, as are the down jacket stuffed in a zip-loc.
11: my total luggage for about 2-3 weeks. The backpack holds toiletries, reading material, plane stuff like a neck pillow, scarf, raincoat, iPad, cords, meds, and more. Actually it probably can hold more than the duffle can.
What changes would you make? The weather is expected to be chilly, windy and rainy. What should I leave home? I appreciate your input and wisdom.


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