WIW: wine on ice 3 ways

Wednesday I wore something close to teach and managed to snap some photos. The print jacket (1-3) was not warm enough so exchanged it for the EF wine cardigan. (4) I ended up wearing the wine ballet flats (7) that I bought last year to wear as slippers/house only shoes. The necklace (3) was a gift and is Native American inspired.
Today I am wearing the darker wine jeans, old EF thrifted cardigan (6),burgundy short boots (8) that reminded me of the Sweeties. The necklace (5) was made by my niece and the stone beads are beautiful, but heavy.
I did not like the fit of the jacket from seeing it in the photos so it will be cleaned and donated. Underlayer on top in both outfits is a silk EF shell...2 different ones. The first is more aqua, the second is more midtone blue than icy.

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  • Laura G replied 12 months ago

    Wow, I *love* these outfits, especially the first one. The color combination, arty look...everything. Your hair looks amazing--is that a new cut?

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you, Laura. My hair is in need of a cut and is in-combed in these photos. I am trying to decide whether or not to grow it out more to wear it up for planned travel in March. That is my easiest way to wear it but it can look aging.

  • Cardiff girl replied 12 months ago

    Love the jacket in the first photo and your hair colour is stunning especially with the contrast against the dark of the burgundy

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    The colours are spot on, and the necklace your niece made you is a work of art. 

    Love what you did in #4. Rich and comfy. Fabulous boots. And back to toddler potty training for you, Queen Poetry! 

  • rachylou replied 12 months ago


  • Firecracker replied 12 months ago

    Wow, these are two (or three, really) knockout renditions of the ensemble. (And you were prescient to start wearing it before Angie's post!) I love the print jacket--too bad it turned too cold to wear it. Those quilted booties are super fab as well!

  • replied 12 months ago

    I'm smitten with your jacket and necklaces, very groovy.

  • Mirjana replied 12 months ago

    Lovely outfit Joy, as usual. I especially love  #1, so beautiful print jacket. I know that you like burgundy, me too and burgundy like you. I also wore more burgundy this week.

  • Barbara Diane replied 12 months ago

    Lovely outfits. Do you wear #5 often? If it is extremely rarely worn due to the weight, perhaps you could ask your niece to redo it into a few different lighter pieces? I can imagine ways in my head right now. You could explain that somehow as one gets a little older heavier necklaces become more challenging to wear. And of course let her know we all think that it is fabulous.

  • Dianna replied 12 months ago

    Joy, where have you been?  I have missed your WIWs so much. You have a wonderful accessory collection.  Both necklaces are really pretty.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you all, you wonderful ladies, for your comments. Maybe I should give that print jacket another chance. I'm not as keen on cropped jackets as I once was.
    Mirjana, I do love burgundy and have it in almost every room of the house. Two pair of burgundy jeans seems excessive but I like both and they are not the same shade.
    Barbara Diane, that is a good idea for the necklace. I will see if she has any ideas.
    Dianna, you are so kind to have missed my outfits. I don't get photos as much as I would like but have been inspired to play in the closet with many of Angie's ideas, or plan to when it gets cooler.

  • Runcarla replied 12 months ago

    I can't get past #1 and 2. Fabulous!

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    This colour combination looks rich and sumptuous on you Joy. Love no 4 in particular. And I vote grant the gorgeous print jacket a stay of execution.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    It looks like the jacket in the first look should stay or at least be put in a holding zone. I like the color and print but felt the fit may be off. How does the fit look to you? Jacket and wine cardigan? The cardigan was a size too big so it got washed and put in the dryer to shrink it a little. It is 100% merino wool.

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    The fit of the jacket looks fine to me Joy but I am no expert. It looks intentionally cropped and fitted, and I don't have a problem with that. I am also feeling a pull towards longer jackets lately, but I would still hang onto a unique piece like that. (Unless you are tired of the pattern, which can happen with print jackets of course.)

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you, Brooklyn. In general I like the jacket, just not feeling the cropped look right now. It is probably work holding on to to see if I feel differently next spring.

  • bridgie replied 12 months ago

    Joy, you have a lot to work with there.  Personally, I would keep the jacket.  However, if you don't like it any longer do whatever makes you feel best.  I think the burgundy jeans are outstanding.  Also love both necklaces.

  • JAileen replied 12 months ago

    I like the jacket and necklace in 3 together. Beautiful maximalism. I'm sorry you feel it doesn't fit. It looks good to me.

  • skylurker replied 12 months ago

    Burgundy looks great on you. My favourite is #4 because it looks like a suit, but I also love more maximal #1, happy and chic. I see nothing wrong with jacket or cardi.
    I think I’d like the cardi in #6 better worn open, or just as a layer maybe - looks a bit thin to be worn as topper, and colour looks a bit washed-out (that sounds harsh, sorry if you like it, keep in mind I’m not into cardi in general - I don’t own a single one).

  • unfrumped replied 12 months ago

    Fabulous! Live #1 especially.
    Joy, your closet is like Mary Poppins’ carpet bag!

  • delurked replied 12 months ago

    I like both your shoes, and enjoy #6 especially for the color.

  • Jenni NZ replied 12 months ago

    Oh Joy I have missed your pics too! And I LOVE the jacket, so pretty and interesting. And the necklace. And your hair. You find such great items x

  • shevia replied 12 months ago

    The first outfit is especially fantastic. This combination looks great with your coloring. Love the quilted boots too!

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. They are helping me with burgundy...a color that I love but does not look as good on me as it did when I had dark brown hair with burgundy tones. My eyes are brown, but more golden with a dark grey edge. DS1 has truely golden brown eyes with more gold than brown.
    Skylurker , your comments about the blue cardigan are astute. It is a light summer cardigan in linen and a pale icy blue. I like the jacket and necklace together enough to hang them on one hangar to encourage wearing them together. That burgundy cardigan and the jeans are the same shade. The jeans are coated which helps deflect the cold winter wind, so this will be a great warm winter outfit.
    I like the print jacket for pattern mixing and like it with an aqua gingham shirt. The jacket is lined in aqua silky fabric.

  • Suz replied 12 months ago

    I would definitely hang onto the so unique print jacket, Joy! You have a magical closet and look wonderful in these colours. 

  • approprio replied 12 months ago

    Gorgeous. The jacket and the necklace are a perfect match. A fine gauge knit in dark red or brown would keep it working through the winter. 

  • The Cat replied 12 months ago

    Wine/burgundy certainly is a nice colour on you. (I guess the blue tones are great, too, but on my screen they look more grey.) My favourites are your lighter burgundy jeans, the beautiful necklace made by your niece, and the fab boots.

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