WIW: Last week's not yet posted: Sveta inspired, and church and casual

1/2: Sveta inspired outfit with black sweater and plaid trousers, and the orange VC blazer. With Munro ankle boots. Showing the jacket open and buttoned. The trousers and I are a little worse for wear at the end of the day. Too much black and orange?
3/4: Worn to Church and World Blues concert (featuring South African Vusi Mahlasela). I tried some pattern mixing. Classiques Entiere skirt and Halogen jacket, Munro ankle boots. Do the boots work with the skirt? Are they too wide in the shaft?
5: tried to replace #3 with this photo of the outfit and couldn't do it.
6: casual. brown Ponte knit pants, old Nygard cat tee under Gibson knit jacket, Born sneakers ( later changed to brown patent oxfords). Not sure I'm liking the fit of the pants. They are sized up.
7: Greenish grey H&M jeans, thrifted striped to and belt, Hinge jacket. MeToo pumps. I got compliments from younger women wearing this but now not sure seeing the photos. The pants are sized way up and not at all tight. Is the crotch too saggy? The photo was taken after wearing several hours.
I appreciate your thoughts on these outfits, what works and suggestions for improvements.

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  • replied 4 years ago

    You look very classy - I especially like the colors of the last outfit!

  • Tanya replied 4 years ago

    All are great, I particularly like #3 and #7.

  • Liz A. replied 4 years ago

    Great outfits!  I particularly like #3 although I do see something off about the boots.  To me, it's not the gaping ankle, but rather they make your feet look so long.  I think they would be better under pants if that helps.

  • Amy replied 4 years ago

    Joy, these are all fabulous outfits. I really love #3, but do agree that the boots are a bit too wide. Did you try your Munros instead? I bet they'd be perfect.

    The cat t-shirt is fantastic. I think the pants in the last outfit are just fine. It's hard to tell, though, without seeing them in person. Are they uncomfortable?

  • Debbie replied 4 years ago

    Just wanted to say that I love the last outfit. I will be copying that. I have that jacket and sometimes struggle wearing it.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    You are so fabulous I can't stand it, Joy. Love seeing the coral blazer come out in Autumn - especially to see a South African Blues Artist. How random and divine. 

    And look at you all kitty-ied up in #6. Killer. You are a gorgeous creature. xo

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Thank you for your prompt replied, especially as I'm considering wearing something similar to 1/2 again this pm for class.
    Liz and Amy, thank you for commenting on the booties. I will try the Munros.
    Amy, the pants are very stretchy and comfortable. Most of my pants are size 2-4 and these are 12's. Maybe they stretch out too much. I need a belt to keep them up and I have a big waist, but they skim the legs.
    Thank you, Debbie. You will look wonderful in the jacket and jeans. I find that the layer under the jacket needs to be sleek.

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Angie! We cross posted. I thought of you at the concert. The artist is known as The Voice in SA and was delightful.
    Thank you for your kind comments.

  • Emily replied 4 years ago

    I love 3-4-5 the most!  You look so fancy and classy.  7 is my second favourite, I think the pants look good.

  • Vickie KY replied 4 years ago

    I like d everything. I love the coral jacket in 1. No it is not too much. The beautiful suit in 3 was gorgeous on you. I liked the animal print graphic t dressed up. Really cute. The navy and wine looked great. I don't know about the fit. In the pictures everything looked good. Only you would know if it is a fit you like.

  • Caro in Oz replied 4 years ago

    Love # 5 - the textures are just fantastic together. The booties do look a tad wide, but I see you have a replacement.

  • gryffin replied 4 years ago

    Joy all of your outfits are so elegant and refined!!  You look amazing in everything you put on!!

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    What Caro and Angie said! I adore #3. Perfect elegant eclectic. Agree the booties are a bit wide, but luckily you have others! 

  • replied 4 years ago

    Yup, agree with you and everyone on the boots in #3 but still love it.  I also really like #7, pants not too saggy.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Always nice to be thought of. Thanks. xo

  • san replied 4 years ago

    You look fantastic.

  • Sveta replied 4 years ago

    I am honored to inspire you, Joy! :-) Orange and black are fab in my book,
    My favorite of the bunch is #3 - what a delightful mix of subtle patterns in earthy colors. 

  • Day Vies replied 4 years ago

    Love the shapes in #1 and the high contrast. That belt is divine over the suit jacket NIIICE! (ideas!!!!) My favorite is #7 I love how you do casual. That red white & blue is fabulous! I like the mix of horizontal and vertical stripes.  

  • Beth Ann replied 4 years ago

    You are an inspiration for me, Joy!  You'd be inspiring at any age, but I'm particularly encourage to see Fabbers just a touch older than I continuing to grow their style and show their creativity in the wardrobe while looking refined and beautiful!

    It's marvelous to see you channeling Sveta in wide legs and bright color.  I feel a need to copy your second look with the midi skirt, and the final look is out of the park!

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    You have such great style Joy! I especially love #3 but really they are all fantastic!

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