Which sweater dress to keep?

I got a couple of wonderful alpaca sweater dresses from Nancylee through the Style Exchange, thinking of giving at least one to DDIL who loves Peruvian Connection. One is black and one is taupe. Both are just a bit short on me to wear without leggings (as are nearly all sweater dresses I've tried)
I'd like your opinion on the taupe one today. It is so soft and warm that I don't want to take it off.
Pictured are various stylings with and without belt, scarf, etc., the collar in different positions. I have other toppers that could work on really cold days and other footwear.
The first and last photos are the sweater dress I'm thinking of replacing, although it is still in good shape. It is an ombre taupe to dark brown.
What are your thoughts? Keep the PC dress ( photos 3-7) or give to DDIL? (she is in her mid 20's and could use it for work and w/o leggings). It does fit her boho leaning style.
Yay, keep it. Nay, give to DDIL.

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  • Liz A. replied 5 years ago

    Joy, I much prefer the cowl neckline on you, although the taupe does look good as well.  Out of the stylings you've shown, I like #5 the best.

  • celia replied 5 years ago

    Joy I also prefer the first dress on you. I don't thin that the neckline on the new one is as flattering on you.

  • April replied 5 years ago

    I like the PC dress styled with scarf and also with scarf and topper.  Like the cowl too.  No help at all, I know.

    Maybe you and DDIL could rotate sweater dresses: "Joy Challenges DDIL..."  :)

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    I suspected that the first dress would be liked most.  the fabric is far inferior, but the fit in the top is better.  DDIL had the figure to fill out the top of the PC.  That is probably why it looks better on me with a topper to cover to loose fabric :)

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