Trying tall boots and skirt. Pass or Fail?

I know that this is not the look Angie was blogging about. The shirt is too narrow and heavy, the boots are too short and leave a gap. But I would like your opinion...which boots look best, the brown or black? The color of the leather skirt is "burgundy stem", rather dark, more chocolate than wine. Since I am shorter than most people, few would see that there is a gap between hem and boot from looking down. The last photo is of new Munroe flats in wine and dark reddish brown leathers. Better? The black Aquatalia boots are the tallest. The brown ones are old ECCOs. The last photo is s close up of the color of the skirt

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  • lisa p replied 11 months ago

    I prefer the black boots with the skirt - which is a beautiful colour, by the way.  And I LOVE the mustard blouse- I'm all over this colour right now...

  • 3style replied 11 months ago

    I think that all of the footwear is flattering on you. I say that you should not be concerned about a tighter fit for the boots. However, bomber jacket and riding boots don't really compute for me. Too much of a historical mismatch. The shoes are kind of reminiscent of bowling shoes, and (not a disparaging comment; I think that this multi color scheme shoe style is very trendy in Italy right now) so to me that historical background information behind the impression with jacket and shoes is more harmonious.

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thank you, Lisa p and 3style, for your comments. The bomber jacket was a last minute decision because of weather. With the black boots I could wear a black jacket or coat. With the brown boots I have a brown leather moto jacket but that seems like too much leather. Or I could go with something completely different with booties in pewter, black or grey.

  • approprio replied 11 months ago

    I think you've got three nice outfits here.

    I like both boots with the skirt. I have a slight preference for the black ones, but I'm sure others will tell you brown is better. 

    I like the bomber with the Munroe shoes, but not with the skirt. I'd try this combo with a midi skirt or cropped flares.

    Overall, I think I'd like the bomber and the skirt more with ankle boots. 

  • Sisi replied 11 months ago

    I prefer the black boots because I see a "harmony" with the black  background of the bomber. At least , it seems black to me - but I know that colors on my screen are tricky. For example, Lisa says the blouse is mustard, while I see it cream.

  • 3style replied 11 months ago

    With the brown leather skirt, I'm thinking that the ideal warm topper would be less rectangular and have more diagonal lines, like a poncho, capelet, assymetrical wrap coat, something along those lines. Or maybe a vest or gilet of some sort if the weather is mild. I think that you could also do a woolen blazer in a bright color, if that doesn't get too formal for your lifestyle, which if I remember correctly, it most likely would be too formal.

    I feel like if you do leather jacket, leather skirt and tall leather boots all in one outfit it leads to connotations like "biker" or "BDSM" which are great if that's what you intend and you wear the right supporting act for those distinct styles, but in my opinion they probably are not great looks to be halfway sporting inadvertently just to stay warm and be physically comfortable.

  • RobinF replied 11 months ago

    I think I prefer the brown but it depends on what you wear on top. Truthfully I think they both work and I prefer the boots over the shoes. 

  • viva replied 11 months ago

    I like the black boots best. For me, the contrast works best.

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    WOW, those boots fit well, Joy. Good for you. 

    Another vote for the black boots, but the colour blocked flats are fab too. 

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    So many helpful replies! About the colors, the bomber has a black background, and the top is a pale blush to pick up the blush in the bomber print. It turned warm and I ended up taking off the bomber.
    3style, I will try your suggestions for more diagonal tops with the skirt. I belong to some groups which give me a chance to get out of jeans at least a couple times a week and be a bit more dressy. Our subdivision has a cocktail party once a month that is not formal but rather dressy. Most women wear frocks. I do not have a bright woolen blazer but do have a taupe velvet one that can be paired up with taupe booties.
    I was planning to wear the skirt with an assymetrical burnt orange EF merino sweater and may try that today .
    Angie, thank you for your guidance with boots for narrow calves. The black ones are one of your picks from 2016 NAS.

  • 3style replied 11 months ago

    Joy, I really like the bomber jacket and think it is inherently interesting. I wonder if it might be best with a "column of color" of black or white or even denim/ chambray underneath. Actually, I'm realizing that if the top and skirt were black, then the black riding boots would read more like "streamlined leg coverage" and less like "riding boots" specifically. So if there was less going on overall, the boot and bomber contextual contrast wouldn't occur to me.

    The brown skirt with burnt orange or taupe sounds good and also very on trend with the warm colors for fall revival going on this year.

  • Jenni NZ replied 11 months ago

    Hi Joy I like the black boots better as they look more cohesive. I feel the shoes highlight your teeny ankles in a way that looks scary to me ( might be affected by health professional self in this instance). I do like the shoes but would prefer them with pants.
    Also the bomber jacket is possibly my favourite item of your clothing so I am going to like that any time!

  • SummerB replied 11 months ago

    I also like the black boots the best!

    Long boots and skirts have always been a favorite of mine during the fall.

  • Dianna replied 11 months ago

    My vote is for the black, Joy.  I love your bomber too.

  • Isabel replied 11 months ago

    The brown are nice in a rustic way but the black are better with the outfit, and I think the design is better. I like the contrast with your hair too. The drama of black with grey hair is very attractive but black tops are often not flattering to the complexion, so boots are a great option.

    Your natural elegance really shows in the tall boot, longish skirt combo.

  • Joyce B replied 11 months ago

    I like the skirt with both boots. Your picts reminded me to bring out my leather skirt so thank you for that :)

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    3style, I found myself nodding in agreement with your comments. Jenni NZ, those thin ankles and legs used to be even thinner and are the reason I cannot wear fuller skirts which make them look even thinner. I plan to wear the shoes with my wine colored jeans.

  • shevia replied 11 months ago

    I like the black boots but am totally distracted by your comment about being shorter and therefore people looking down at you. I am short and never thought of that! In my mind everyone is "admiring" me from afar :) !

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    You are right, wise Shevia. That comment probably came from having a hard time getting a photo that showed some leg. From a distance it would be more correct in proportions. I need your attitude.

  • Sal replied 11 months ago

    I like the black boots too!!  
    There are lots of great combinations you can wear with this skirt - I think you will have fun.

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thanks, Sal. I like the idea of playing with black with this skirt.

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