SYC: Patterned Pants; Graphic Tee

Inspired by Angie's blog post this morning, this outfit features the closest thing I have to printed pants with an old Zara tee that looks like my dog.
I tried a linen kimono jacket for a topper in the heat and for more pattern, but don't think it works.
The semituck is at the side to avoid tucking the dog's paw. I welcome your suggestions and comments

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  • MTBGirl replied 4 years ago

    I like it a lot joy! Especially with the kimono topper!

  • MsMary replied 4 years ago

    This is fab! What an adorable shirt!

  • Maneera replied 4 years ago

    Adorable shirt! I love the look Joy....especially with the topper.

  • Quietgirl replied 4 years ago

    Love the subtle mix!

  • replied 4 years ago

    Another great outfit Joy! Prefer with the topper.

  • kellygirl replied 4 years ago

    Super fab. LOVE that tee!

  • Staysfit replied 4 years ago

    That tee is great! I love the look! I'm not sure what you think isn't working here? The kimono topper works well. I think it was particularly nice that you didn't tuck the paw. :-)

  • AJ replied 4 years ago

    Such a cute tee! How does it look with your black moto vest?

  • Marley replied 4 years ago

    Love this with just the tee and pants!  Super cool!  Not crazy about the kimono jacket with it - to me, it is too much pattern and just doesn't fit the vibe of the outfit.

    You can carry off this type of outfit very easily Joy - you look great!

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    I LOVE that tee on you, Joy. It couldn't be more perfect. Fun with the windowpane pants too. Try a blazer or denim jacket next time - when it's cooled down a bit. 

  • Windchime replied 4 years ago

    I'm crazy about your tee shirt! What kind of doggie is that--Maltese? The shirt is super cute with your windowpane pants. It's fun to see everyone's take on today's ensemble. :)

  • Meredith replied 4 years ago

    So fun!

  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    I love this outfit, Joy! The tee is adorable and terrific with the windowpane pants. Those shoes are perfect, too. I think a more structured jacket (in cooler weather) will work better, too. The outfit really doesn't need it, though; I think your shoes dress it up enough to make the outfit look finished.

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Thank you all so much. It was fun to get home to so many lovely comments.
    I was surprised that several liked the kimono topper. It turned out to be too hot for a topper of any sort.
    AJ, I think the tee would work great with my black moto vest for a very different look.
    Angie, I like the idea of using a denim jacket or blazer. It's one of my favorite looks on anyone.
    Windchime, I'm not sure what the dog is on the tee but our 37pounds of furry love is a Polish Lowland Sheepdog or PONS. Right now her hair is cut short for the hot weather but below are a couple of pictures of what she usually looks like. We try to keep the hair cut so we can see her eyes. Otherwise she would look like a mini Old English.

  • Firecracker replied 4 years ago

    Oh my, your dog is a fluffy bundle of adorable! What a nice photo of the dog and your DH (I'm assuming).

  • Word Lily replied 4 years ago

    Oh, what a cute pup! We have an OES. I hadn't heard of that breed, so here I am looking it up.

    (I like the outfit too.)

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    ADORABLE pup and outfit!!!! 

  • Carole replied 4 years ago

    What fun...that top is my kind of graphic tee...I think I like it best without the topper.

  • O replied 4 years ago

    I love the outfit Joy. A Joy to look at ;-) I refer it without the topper. 

  • Angie replied 4 years ago


  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    Sharan, yes, that is DH with Maggs. He is a great fan of dogs.
    Wordlily, I don't know the OES personality, but they look so lovable. The PONS is super smart and funny. Ours is 6 years old but still has lots of puppy traits. Ours knows all her toys by name. The breed almost died out withWWII until someone realized what was happening and searched for surviving dogs to bring back the breed.
    Angie, no doggie could begin to compare to dear little Sam. Please give him extra cuddles from me.

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