Skirt with chocolate support act + some WIWs

I liked the retro feel of this plaid wrap skirt and decided to try it with Angie's formula using chocolate brown instead of black. Are there suggestions for styling this skirt? Especially modern retro? Or should it go in the donation bin? It is a second hand purchase and reminded me of skirts popular in the 60's. I didn't get a photo but wore my brown moto jacket instead of the cardigan and added a tomato red scarf for warmth outside.
3/4: blue and black. I felt the blue added a bit of spring. The trousers have been favorites, JCrew of Italian wool, but seeing the photos, I no longer like the fit.
5/6: a ROG suggestion. The plain blue cardi in 3/4 was exchanged for a leopard one. I'm not sure how I feel about the combination. Could I wear this with white jeans?
7/8: black Halogen pencil skirt with red/grey tweed Chanal-esque jacket. Kind of boring?
I'm trying to do a wardrobe edit. Nothing in these photos is new. What should go and what should definitely stay?

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  • Joyce B replied 2 years ago

    I am of no help with this, I love all the outfits on you! 7/8 looks very elegant, I love it too!
    I suppose your decision will be influenced by what better suits your needs.

  • olga replied 2 years ago

    I like number 1 and 3 best
    i think blue cardigan looks better than leopard
    otherwise, seems everything can be worn depends on the occasion

  • replied 2 years ago

    Joy, I LOVE 7/8 on you. To me it's chic and dignified, definitely not boring or stuffy. I do like the plaid skirt but don't have much advice on styling. The tights and boots seem to work well, but I'm not sure about the cardi. How does it look with a shorter topper? I like your idea of the brown moto to add an edgier element to the look. How did you feel wearing it?

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Joyce, you are right that needs must be considered. We are moving to an area where I feel that the older women dress in ways that look interesting and a bit quirky, and with clothing that looks expensive, designer. I'm not sure how to do this look and hope that a little retro might help the quirky factor.
    Olga, I did not wear the leopard on leopard out. At first it was funny but grew on me.
    Aliona, I felt better and more modern in the brown moto, which is shorter, more waist length. The cardigan is old and will be retired after this season along with several others.
    Thank you for your helpful comments.

  • Ginger replied 2 years ago

    I like all of these! They're interesting, and I love the colors. I also would like to see the moto with the plaid, though, especially with the boots. It might also be fun with the block heel pumps or booties, especially in a non-neutral; that's a very 60s look to my eye. Making it clear that you're having fun with modern retro.

  • Peri replied 2 years ago

    I love the blue leopard on you...soft colors with a twist!

  • OctaviaBarnstable replied 2 years ago

    All of the photos are Fab, such a good sense of style :)

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    #5 and #7 are my faves. Very nicely done. Great pattern mixing.

  • torontogirl replied 2 years ago

    All very chic.

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    Ginger, I understand what you are saying although i don't have any block heels in a none neutral. I do have a very light grey that might work. Thank you for the suggestions.
    Peri, thank you. Somehow the blue in the leopard prints seems less cougar-ish to my students who will comment, and less offensive to those who don't discern the difference between animal print and animal pelt.
    Angie, thank you for your comments. So useful.
    Thank you, Octavia and Torontogirl, for the confidence boost.

  • Ginger replied 2 years ago

    *slaps forehead* Light gray is perfect!  I guess I meant something that would stand out more than brown or black. Any of the shades of white would be similar. The 60s had so much fun with color, including shoes and legwear, that it might be a way to get that feel.

  • Mirjana replied 2 years ago

    My favorit is #7/8, to me it's very chic, but I like #5  great pattern mixing, so special, nicely done.

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