One More Seasons and Nature Outfit or the Big Bird Outfit

Another outfit that is to warm to wear yet but I couldn't resist showing you this vest recently passed on to me by a niece. The faux fur reminded me of feathers. All the other pieces are old. I wish the photos were better, but hope you can see the inspiration of the bird.

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  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    Rock out, Joy! This is too awesome!

  • Ankita replied 3 years ago

    This is the closest outfit for the birdie so far Joy....AWEEEEESOME job! :)

  • replied 3 years ago

    OMG Joy! You are nailing this challenge. This is awesome. I want to steal that vest!

  • Summer replied 3 years ago

    I think you take the win with this one, Joy.  What a fabulous vest.

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    If that bird was a fabulous woman it would be you!

  • Donna replied 3 years ago

    That is awesome Joy! I was thinking of trying this with one of my vests next week when it cools down, but yours is just perfect!

  • Jenn replied 3 years ago

    So good, Joy! You rock that vest!

  • Word Lily replied 3 years ago

    Perfection! You totally nailed it.

  • Peri replied 3 years ago

    You are too super for words! I love that vest and you look so fun!

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    HAH. How do you do it, Joy? Another killer perfect and trendy interpretation. WOW to that hand me down vest. Groooooooovy. 

  • Carole replied 3 years ago

    Doesn't get any better than this! Love:)

  • MsMary replied 3 years ago

    Woo hoo! That is a quackerjack interpretation! ;)

  • Sara L. replied 3 years ago

    This is great!  I love how the vest looks like feathers and the pattern on your shirt is perfect too. 

  • Dee replied 3 years ago

    You are really going for the nature part of this challenge! :)

    The vest is really fun, and great color palette too.

  • donnat replied 3 years ago

    That is just plain awsone!

  • Sal replied 3 years ago


    I have to laugh, I thought we might see you in a yellow Big Bird costume from Sesame Street.  Your version is so much fun and much more stylish!!!

  • Aida replied 3 years ago

    LOVE! Wow that's one amazing vest, what a fun piece to have. I really want to update my furry vests this year; hoping for a longer style like this with the more feathery fur, I really like the look.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Aida, I was thrilled when I got the vest as I'd tried on a very similar one with the same feathery look at the NAS sale and didn't want to take it off. The one I'm wearing came with a wide black belt which does nothing for it. I think the belt was why my neice rejected the vest for herself. I want to try it over a dark grey trench coat. I can see you rocking a vest like this.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    After a long day of flights,I so enjoyed everyone's comments and bird references. Thank you for the smiles.
    Angie, I plan to try a groooooovy look with this vest, bell bottom jeans and silky bow blouse :).
    Sara, the shirt is a good compliment to the vest,isn't it. I didn't realize that until seeing the photograph.

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    Wow, Joy -- this is amazing!! You absolutely nailed this challenge. 

  • Beth Ann replied 3 years ago

    Love the vest, Joy, and you've captured the spirit and essence of the bird photo beautifully!

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