Seasons and Nature Challenge: #1

I wanted to take part in Diane's challenge as much as possible and first chose the same photo as Astrid.
The bare black tree branches reminded me of lace, so I used a lace top over a peach shell. Pants are for the pale grey water. I should have used light grey shoes.
The black looks a bit heavy, even as lace. Comments welcomed. Any suggestions for tweeking this to make it more wearable?.

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  • Word Lily replied 3 years ago

    Those trees look like lace to me, too, Joy! I agree with grey shoes being better, but somehow I want another dark piece, too. Except I'm not sure how/where/what to add to get that. I do think it's wearable as-is, though.

  • Maneera replied 3 years ago

    Oh I love your interpretation, Joy! looks like lace to me, now that you mention it.

    Love your's gorgeous. I also like the light pants. I think grey shoes will lengthen the leg line and black will nicely bookend the top. You could try both

  • replied 3 years ago

    Oh wow, You captured the trees so well and your skin is the blush shade of the sky at the top. A lovely interpretation!

  • Astrid replied 3 years ago

    Oh yes, I can definitely see why you thought of lace! I think this looks great, although maybe darker pants would be easier with the black on top - do you have burgundy pants? And then with a similarly colored top underneath the lace to avoid grinning.

  • texstyle replied 3 years ago

    The lace is great - I actually like it as it is.

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Killer Gorgeous. You had me with the lace. 

  • Ankita replied 3 years ago

    The lace is gorgeous on you Joy... beautiful interpretation! :)

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    Love the lace top with the grey pants. The shoes don't bother me but grey shoes would be great. Don't think the lace looks heavy at all. 

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    Joy, your lacy top captures the mood of the photo brilliantly. I love to see the different responses. 

  • deb replied 3 years ago

    Beautiful interpretation.

  • AJ replied 3 years ago

    I would not have thought of lace! This is a brilliant interpretation, Joy! Nicely styled.

  • shedev replied 3 years ago


  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    The lace over the peach top totally nails it.

  • Jenn replied 3 years ago

    You were so clever to pair the lace with the peach. Just right.

  • donnat replied 3 years ago

    I love your interpretation.

  • Aida replied 3 years ago

    Very nice! Clever to use lace to mimic the branches. I wonder if darker shoes would help with the balance?

  • CocoLion replied 3 years ago

    Love this.  I think the green shoes work because they reflect the greens in the picture.  My suggestion would be to wear a green camisole instead of peach, to match the shoes.  The black is not harsh and is perfect here, especially with the sunglasses.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Oh, good! Lots of variation suggestions to try. Denise, I think I have a greenish taupe tank that could work instead of the peach.
    Aida, What I'd like (but don't have) in a dark shoe would be something strappy to break UO the dark color. I'll have to experiment.
    Shevia, I think the light grey shoes would have been a better choice.
    Astrid, I do have burgundy jeans, although it is still too hot. I will try something once it gets a little cooler.
    Maneera, I do need to try both black and grey.
    WordLily, exactly. It looks like there should be another dark piece. Maybe a bag?

  • Word Lily replied 3 years ago

    A bag would certainly be a simple solution!

  • Windchime replied 3 years ago

    Those beautiful tree branches certainly do look like lace; what a great idea to wear your lace top.

    The style of your shoe seems to convey the mood of the picture. Do you have a bag in that color which could tie the shoes in better?

    I LOVE the pic you chose, and Diane G is right that your beautiful complexion also echoes colors in the picture.

  • Thistle replied 3 years ago

    Beautiful! I love the inspiration, and the lace of the outfit is such a perfect piece to get the feel. Gorgeous!

  • Tania replied 3 years ago

    Amazing interpretation of the tree silhouette.  You look great!

  • Sal replied 3 years ago

    It is very pretty on you Joy and the lace is perfect for the delicate tree silhouettes.  

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Windchime, I have been looking for a bag to go with those shoes but so far have not found it. Here isn't much in taupe this year.
    Thank you to all who took time to look and comment and to Diane for starting this challenge.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    I think this outfit is lovely as it is. I really love the shoes you chose with these ankle pants, and I think a bag would be a nice way to bring in another bit of black if you wanted to.

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