July Challenge: 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th White bottoms week

Continuing the July Challenge to wear my summer bottoms with a summer top, a topper and accessories, this week featured my white or nearly white bottoms.
Yesterday was the first day. I wore EF bone jersey pants rolled to crop, a sleeveless silk top in cream and with a pattern in black, tan and pale lavender. I wore tan peep toe flats and a long black cardi. Unfortunately I don’t have Angie’s supper power and disaster struck when frozen blueberries rolled down the front, leaving a trail of stains before I was able to take photos. Maybe after a soak in Oxyclean and wash, I will be able to recreate the outfit.
Today’s white bottoms are AT capries worn with a navy and white striped tie front Max Studio ktee, striped Munroe flats, navy bag and an old museum silk scarf (6) bracelets (5) and a Target denim jacket.( in 3/4). I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. The white bottoms are a bit tight in the waist and may go the end of the season or before. I like the striped top for fun with pattern mixing and the diagonal sleeves.

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  • torontogirl replied 12 months ago

    PERFECTION. That is all!

  • nemosmom replied 12 months ago

    Sorry to hear about the blueberries! Hope you can get the stain out. This outfit is amazing. I love the way you've styled it.

  • Cardiff girl replied 12 months ago

    Love the navy and white.l can’t do white bottoms successfully due to being a dirt magnet,l hope that you manage to get your fruit stains out.

  • JAileen replied 12 months ago

    I love this. I don’t see the blueberries. You look fab!

  • Preppy Pear replied 12 months ago

    Love the accessories, the cute shoes, and the denim! Fingers crossed for OxiClean to work its magic.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    thank you all.  I think the pants may need another round in the Oxyiclean .

  • Runcarla replied 12 months ago

    This is outfit worth repeating, Joy.

  • Lucy replied 12 months ago

    I absolutely love this look. Simply yet sophisticated and thoughtful. It's perfect. Hopefully you can repeat once the  blueberries are fixed! 

  • Barbara Diane replied 12 months ago

    I especially like the scarf.

  • suntiger replied 12 months ago

    I like it most with the jacket, and don't see any stains either. Besides there's worse stains than blueberries, because it means you had blueberries :)

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Suntiger, you are right. This was the worst time ever to wear white bottoms. I managed to get a flu germ and have been suffering from “the runs”. The blueberry stains are barely noticeable now. Maybe I will try another trip through the washer to see if it will be more completely eliminated. Thank you, everyone for your comments.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    July 17th: old white light weight linen full pants, pegged to rein them in. Thrifted linen striped tee in white and navy, My topper is a JCrew thrifted denim jacket in a dark denim wash. My accessory is a navy and white polka-dotted summer scarf. Shoes are Naturalizer mule loafers from last year. Bag is a thrifted vintage straw tote. I was not feeling well so did not put on any jewelry. If I had, it would have been silver. What do you think? Should these pants be on their way out. They have been kept this long because they give such breezy coverage on a hot day.

  • Jenni NZ replied 12 months ago

    Incredibly cute bag! Perfect with your scarf.
    May I ask something? I notice you seem to be rolling up the cuffs of all the pants. Why are you doing that? I would like to see the option of un-rolled?

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Jenni, that is a good question. The answer is that it has gotten into the lower and mid 90’s F here the last few days. I feel cooler with ankles exposed but do not wear shorts. Rolling the pants up makes them multiseasonal. I wear the same pants in fall or spring at full length. I will try to remember to take some photos at full length.

  • Mirjana replied 12 months ago

    Dear Joy, beautiful as always. I love black and white combination , so great. I adore #7, you are Queen of pattern mix.

  • nemosmom replied 12 months ago

    Love the dot/stripe pattern mix and fun metallic shoe! Your ability to accessorize is enviable.

  • Jenni NZ replied 12 months ago

    Oh fair enough Joy. I think by some point I may end up not wearing shorts either. Good to keep the ankles cool!

  • Katerina replied 12 months ago

    You look fantastic in white pants, Joy! Superb beautifully accessorized outfits as usual.
    I love the striped navy top you are wearing in 1-2. It fits you so beautifully.
    And how great a large polka dot scarf is! I still have not found such a nice one to my collection.

  • Sal replied 12 months ago

    You look great Joy in the white pants despite feeling a bit off. Hope you feel better soon. White pants suit you so well and you can wear high contrast brilliantly.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you, Sal, Katherine, Jenni, nemosmom and Mirjana for you uplifting comments. I will try soon to post photos of today’s white jean outfit.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    July 18: white Madewell jeans, worn full length. The top is NYDJ bought recently from the Rack because I needed more tops with sleeves for the cool/ cold summer and this one had colors I could wear with a variety of bottoms. Here shown worn out and tucked (#1&4). My topper today is a baby blue linen/cotton EF thrifted cardigan (#2). My accessory is an old narrow dark red and blue silk scarf (#3). The Madewell jeans have had mixed reactions here. What do you think? Keep or donate? Only wear with tops out? Sorry I forgot to add a belt. Shoes are my shiny silver pointy toe Coach loafers. Bag is a metallic silver hobo shoulder bag. I welcome your thoughts and suggestions. What do you think of the NYDJs top?

  • nemosmom replied 12 months ago

    Oooh I love the layered effect and pop of color with the red scarf! I love the top on you and the way you've styled it. It looks like the colors in the pattern will go with other pieces in your wardrobe. I think the Madewell jeans look good - I like the slimming shape and they aren't squeezing your legs. I like the pooling at the ankles (I am sure there is some official fashion word for that, I don't know what it is but I like the effect, anyway....) -- how do they feel?

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    The jeans feel great. They may be my most comfortable pair just now. I don’t see the style on them but the fabric is very nice and thick. I think that they will work for all year round with a warmer top and topper.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    July 19: Today’s white pants are EF jersey pull-ons. I went pastels with peach sleeveless top and EF open knit linen cardigan. My accessory is a pearly shell necklace made by my niece (#5) and seed pearl earrings. Flats are old Dr. Scholls and so comfortable. Bag can go with pink, peach or blush (#4). Is it too big for me? It looks like a hot day that is supposed to break record heat in Denver (101F), so I may end up rolling the pants to bare the ankles.
    Thank you for looking. I welcome all comments and suggestions.

  • Mirjana replied 12 months ago

    The best with white pants. I adore color, peach is beautiful on you. Love all combinations.

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    Thank you, Mirjana. You would look stunning in white wide crops. I miss mine from last year and need to find another pair.

  • Katerina replied 11 months ago

    July 18 - a really nice outfit. I would keep the jeans, they look good and since they are comfartable and all year around fabric, they seem like a great piece to have in your wardrobe. I prefer the top untucked here. Maybe wear these jeans with untucked tops? The top is very pretty, great colour. You have combined it beautifully with the cardi and the scarf.

    July 19 - gorgeous! I love the soft tonal peachy look. The white pants are perfect. The necklace and shoes look fabulous. The bag is perfect to me, both the size and the structured style. This is what I would wear. But a number of styles, both smaller and less structured would look great with this outfit, if you would like some variations. Metallics maybe, gold or silver?

  • Jane replied 11 months ago

    Well done! A really super selection of white jeans. I’m admiring the navy blue and white outfits especially and I like the NYDJ top - it’s a blouse? Very pretty!

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Jane, the NYDJ top was in Angie’s picks for tops from NAS yesterday. This one is the same style. I think Angie described it as a blouse and that it works well under a jacket.
    Thank you, Katerina, for your wise thoughts and ideas. I agree that tops untucked are best with most of my pants. The Madewell are called a high rise skinny but they are neither on me. Covering the mid-rise waist helps.

  • nemosmom replied 11 months ago

    Oh, I missed your latest outfit last week. I love the peach/white together. It's monochromatic without being boring! You've had a successful run of white bottoms!

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    I had more white bottom outfits that I did not get photos for and may include more this week, but I am ready to move on to darker outfits to finish the month. Most of my white bottoms, at present, seem ok, but I am finding tops that no longer make me happy and have learned that I could use a long simple summer jacket in white or bone. Most of my white toppers feel too short for pant outfits.

  • nemosmom replied 11 months ago

    I just had a similar discovery about toppers - I have a summer weight (linen blend) blazer in dark navy/ink blue that is too short for pants or jeans; it looks best with a skirt. Problem is, all of my summery skirts are browns and black - the ink blazer isn't much different from the black in the pattern so, together, it just looks like I got dressed in the dark.

  • bj1111 replied 11 months ago

    The peach outfit is just peachy...like a creamsicle. Looks very refreshing in the hot hot weather

  • Sal replied 11 months ago

    I love the peach outfit - it is stunning on you.  I also like the EF floral top and I prefer it untucked.   It is a lovely elegant floral print.

  • shevia replied 11 months ago

    You are making me miss my white bottoms. Well done all around!

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