Inspired by Angie's Valentine Ensemble

I wore a version of Angie's Valentine ensemble to a dinner meeting last night. This is debuting a floral bomber jacket that I could not resist because it combined black with blush, grey and a bit of denim blue. The occasion called for something other than jeans, so I wore wide silk EF pants but would have liked blue jeans better. I was not completely happy with this outfit. It may have been the pants. Suggestions?

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  • Mirjana replied 1 year ago

    I agree with you maybe the pants, the blouse and the bomber jacket is beautiful. Maybe pants look classic to you taste,  the colors are nice on you. I prefer tucked blouse.

  • always trying replied 1 year ago

    I also agree about the pants. For me that style pants are the hardest to style. I have a similar pair that I find work best with a longer blazer. The blouse and jacket are super fab.

  • The Cat replied 1 year ago

    I think the outfit is beautiful and elegant. Love the floral bomber jacket, and it looks perfect with the light blouse and dark silk pants.

    However, I would have changed the shoes. I would have chosen a little more elegant style, perhaps in patent leather or suede, and in either black or one of the pink/purple colours in the bomber jacket.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    GREAT bomber. Lovely on you, and nice with the blouse. 

    The pants are an odd length, Joy. Neither here nor there. Are they supposed to be cropped? 

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you for your help. Angie, these pants are old and a bit too big. I think that they predate the cropped pant trend. Maybe they should be shortened to real cropped length.
    The Cat, I needed shoes that would not slip on snow and I had put away boots and booties for the season. I agree that these shoes look pretty awful.

  • Jenni NZ replied 1 year ago

    Hi Joy, adore the new jacket. I like the outfit except for the shoes, it is a pity you have put your booties away, I think booties would have been great and a bootie showing might have offset the pant length well.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    I think they need to be passed on, Joy. 

  • The Cat replied 1 year ago

    I am not sure whether Angie's last comment refers to the pants or to the shoes ... But I hope you know, Joy. ;-)

    I did absolutely not mean to say that the shoes are awful. They are nice and could be perfect with another outfit. By the way, I am surprised and impressed that you were able to walk in snow with these shoes. I would imagine that they were slippery and that your feet would quickly get wet and cold ... I agree that a bootie could have been a chic solution.

    I just had a closer look at the shape of the pants, and they remember me of some I had a couple of years ago. Mine were a little too short, and the lower part was narrow/tapered. I never felt quite happy with them. I think I have finally learnt that I feel and look best in pants that are not too narrow anywhere and are not a little too short. ;-) But that's just me. Others can look great in that shape and length, and I think you do. However, I know it's not enough that others assure you that you LOOK fine. You have to FEEL comfortable in the outfit ... :-)

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, Jenni. I need to remember next year not to put cold weather things away too quickly. This new-to-me climate is tricky.
    Angie, those pants will be cleaned and gone. I have too much black anyway.
    Cat, those are shoes with grippy soles. You describe the pants well. For my closet they will be history. I have similar straight ones and slim, both which are better choices. Thank you for your wisdom.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Shoes are fab, pants are ill fitting.

  • JAileen replied 1 year ago

    Joy, the jacket is beautiful. The outfit is nice, but you're a little more hip than the image it conveys, and if the pants are too big, well, Angie has spoken.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Angie, I agree. I think the fit of the pants put me off the outfit. I am thrilled that you like the floral bomber.
    JAileen, again, I 'm glad that you like the bomber and Angie is right about those pants.

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    Top half it absolutely perfect - substitute cropped pants and you are good to go!

  • texstyle replied 1 year ago

    Love that jacket - very pretty on you and I agree it will be wonderful with jeans.

  • Dianna replied 1 year ago

    I liked the outfit Joy, loved the blouse and jacket together. About the overall look with the pants, I agree with JAileen, it is nice, but you are way more hip than that.   

  • Sara L. replied 1 year ago

    I love the blouse and bomber.  I don't think the pants look bad, they just don't look as chic as the top of your outfit.  Since they don't fit anymore and you have plenty of black, I think letting them go is a smart decision.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Shevia, Texstyle, Diannaand Sara, thank you for your comments and wisdom. I am surprised at how much I like a floral jacket. I am convinced that the pants shown here should go. If I wear dark jeans or other black pants, should I wear black ankle straps?

  • Aida replied 1 year ago

    I think you're fine with the lighter shoes with dark bottoms as long as they're cropped enough to show the strap. Since your hair is light you could really go either way :)

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, Aida.  I have the light shoes that I wore also in black as well as a more refined black flat with ankle straps.  But I suspect that this bomber jacket will be too warm for hot weather and may look for another.  The snow today and cold weather ahead has me wondering what summer will be like here.

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