Help: The blue EF dress with toppers. What works?

Last week posted the Eileen Fisher lantern dress from the HYS at Nordstroms and its same color cardi. (1&2). Some suggested I try kimono and other toppers. Here are some items from my closet and I'd love to see through your eyes what is working or what isn't and what I should look for if needed.
I'm in trouble as I have 3 more of these dresses all in different colors in the closet waiting a decision as to which one, if any, will be kept. But that's another post, although toppers figure into it.
3. Cropped black EF cardi.
4. White denim jacket
5. AT navy cropped cardi
6. Silk floral
7. Short kimono-like jacket
8. Long kimono
9. Bobeau cascading cardi

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  • Carole replied 5 years ago

    I'm really loving 4, 5 and 6 with this, Joy. The shorter length seems to work best from my view but this is always tricky for me and I am not an expert so will be interested to see what others say. 7 and 8 might be winners, too, but I'm not confident enough to vote on those. 9 seems too long with this IMO but the color is great together.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    Joy, I am somewhat distracted for some reason by the footwear. I feel as if these aren't the right things to wear with the dress for some reason -- maybe it is the slide style. I am craving something a bit more modern looking (if you don't mind my saying that). I know you are limited in terms of heel height, etc. But some pointy toed flats or a sandal with a back strap would help prevent any slight "nightgown" and  "bathrobe" effect of the dress withs some of the toppers, I think, and allow us to see them more objectively. Do you know what I am saying? 

    ETA: at the moment I definitely prefer the shorter toppers with it. 

  • shedev replied 5 years ago

    My favorites are 4 and 6.

  • Charmian replied 5 years ago

    I like the proportions of the cropped cardi in #5, and the long cardis in #8 and #9.

    The white denim jacket in #4 is fresh and summary; it would have gotten my vote too, except then you followed it up with #5 -- I love how the cropped cardi draws attention to your defined waist!

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    So many options! I like #2, 4, 5, 8 and #9 best.

    LOOOOOVE #8!

  • Liz A. replied 5 years ago

    i like 2, 3, 6 and 9 with a preference for 9.

  • fern replied 5 years ago

    I love #4 & 8. Everything looks good, but those two really struck me  - 4 as cheeky & fun and 8 as arty & elegant.
    Is the dress still in limbo? I didn't comment on the dress thread, but you look beautiful in it!

  • replied 5 years ago

    Gorgeous dress, and I'm jealous of how you fill out the top so nicely! I'm partial to the denim jacket and printed cardigans here. The darker one could easily take this dress into fall/winter, how fab is that? The solid cardigans are nice too, and pave the way for an interesting scarf or necklace. 

  • Transcona Shannon replied 5 years ago

    Actually I like ALL of them - so there!

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    A quick reply to thank you for your help. Suz that is a very good point about the footwear. Below is a photo of sandals I was going to post as a keep/return. Are they better? Please ignore toenails in need of attention.
    Fern, this blue dress is not in limbo but a keeper. I liked it so much that I ordered the two others on sale, then found yet another on sale at the Rack. I can't keep all of them but am considering one more, probably in strawberry or rhubarb, since I purged several summer dresses this spring.
    Claire, some of the reviews said that this dress style enhances the little cupcakes. I find that true. :)

  • Astrid replied 5 years ago

    I love it with the new sandals! Please keep those if they are comfortable. My favourites from above were #4 and #6.

  • Sanet replied 5 years ago

    Like Astrid, I also prefer the new sandals and my favourites are also 4 and 6.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    MUCH better. Okay, now I like them all! :-) 

    And if that dress enhances those with "little cupcakes" I think I need to get myself one, ASAP!! 

    What size did you order, Joy? Not that I can really manage Nordies, but if they are still around in a few weeks when I go to the US, I just might! 

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Suz, I got the XS regular. I don't think it comes in petite, but I like the length very much.
    I'm on my iPad but will try to link.
    It is in the stores now in firefly, a bright tomato red, and I think I have seen it in dragonfly, which is a greenish teal. Those were full price.

  • unfrumped replied 5 years ago

    I like 4 the best.
    I love the colors in the cardigan in 6 and think it looks good, but more conventional and so probably not as on-trend .
    I would not have bet on the volume in #8, so it's harder for my eye to pick as the one. But still I can see that I would like to push past the conventional cardi look myself so it is growing on me.I have a hunch that is something that is better IRL due to the motion of the silky garments.
    I actually have more trouble with the tiny cardi in #5, which though it is cropped, as one might like for a dress, it doesn't seem to do justice to the dress. I have a poison eye for little shrugs so take that with a grain of salt.

  • bj1111 replied 5 years ago

    #2 and #9.  love those sandals.

  • Echo replied 5 years ago

    What a great dress on you! I love #2, #4 and #9. I really prefer the contrast of something lighter with the dress, and #8 is beautiful but covers up too much of the dress for my taste.

  • Sveta replied 5 years ago

    First of all - LOVE the dress on you! You look incredibly elegant in it <swoon>
    Now to business... I think 3,4,5,7 work really well. 6 is also good, the flower patter works really well with the dress color. 8 is cool but I feel it is too long and competes with the dress cut.
    I also agree with Suz on the footwear...

  • sarah replied 5 years ago

    Wow that dress is great on you. I love everything except the kimono (sorry, Angie). LOVE the new shoes!

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Thank you each so much for taking time to look and comment and allow me to see these outfits through your stylish eyes. I fixed the words I found that spellcheck annoying.
    Angie, I love that you have a wide variety in your favorites. It gives lots of options. I didn't include any blazer jackets because they just didn't seem right with the draping of the dress.
    It looks like the big winner is the white jean jacket, which makes me even more determined to find a great little white denim vest.
    The soft gold sandals with ankle strap still need to be tested more inside. I like the look and the footbed is very comfortable, so no orthotics needed. I need to get used to the straps and they were made for someone with much bigger ankles. I have them pulled several inches beyond the last hole. Do they look strange?

  • shevia replied 5 years ago

    Joy I don't know if I commented on the first thread but this dress looks wonderful on you. I love it most with no topper at all! But I also love the long kimono and long sweater and the short sleeve black top. And I like it every other way too. And love the sandals in the pictures you added.

  • pil replied 5 years ago

    Looks like every styling is getting somelove! My favorites are 4,5,7 and the new sandals are lovely. The ankle straps look fine to me.

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    Pil, #7 hasn't gotten much love but I'm glad you like it. You are right, each has its fans.
    Shevia, is this something like the style of dress you mentioned on Una's thread as popular where you are? it's fitted on the rib cage, then flares out.

  • Debbie replied 5 years ago

    I love this dress and the toppers on you. You have tempted me to buy this dress.

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