Festive Challenge: weekend edition

I started this post with Sunday to feature a casual dress inspired by Outfit 3, Cozy Cardi Layers. (#1-4) My dress is an ash grey long sleeved EF shift dress under a long Halogen black cardigan, I used the black/cream/grey scarf, charcoal Blondo booties and cream KS crossbody bag with pearl earrings. This outfit felt like just the right amount of seasonal festivity. For a topper I used the black leather trench you have seen before.
The second outfit (5-7) was worn Saturday for Immaculate Conception early morning services and out to dinner. It is mostly metallic silver. I wore pewter Lucky booties and a silvery light grey puffer jacket for outdoors. Most wore blue to honor Mary so I later changed out the silver top layers for a navy cashmere sweater under a silvery puffer vest. I liked this outfit better. Sorry, I did not get a photo but will probably wear it again.
Third, on Friday night to a light parade (9-11) a warm festive olive and burgundy with caramel booties and bag and a scarf that pulled all together. Snowflake sparkly earrings. I bundled up with long black old puffer, burgundy and green handmade mittens, knit hat in olive and aqua and an outer striped scarf.
Thank you for looking. All three outfits need improving. I appreciate your comments, preferences, and suggestions,

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  • rachylou replied 11 months ago

    I don’t know. I kinda like the idea of jazzing it up in church ;) (My parish is practically Anglican in dress, which is an irony, yes.)

  • Katerina replied 11 months ago

    I like them all. My favourite is no 2 - the combination of metallics with the animal print is so beautiful and fun. I can imagine it looked great with dark blue too. No 1 is a close second - very elegant, love the many shades of grey to black on you. And cute scarf - sweater combo in no 3. As usual, excellent, carefully composed outfits which are both beautiful and fun. I always look forward to your outfits. You inspired me to wear metallics and I love it. Thank you, Joy!

  • Mirjana replied 11 months ago

    I would like to have your wardrobe. I especially love silver and leopard combination, completely you. The next is #1-3, great idea to lighten with white bag and scarf . You always inspired me for some new outfit.

  • kkards replied 11 months ago

    while i really like the metallic outfit, the 1st outfit is my fav. i love the mix of the ash grey (which reads a little on the brown side) with the black and cream. and the 

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    The first outfit is SUPER CUTE, Joy. The white accents are gorgeous with your grey hair and liven up the black and grey. 

    The low rise on the gold jeans looks dated when you draw attention to the waist. Try wearing them with a longer top that covers the waistband, perhaps. Or pass them on. 

    Lots of fun sparkle here :)

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Rachylou, you crack me up! My parish is a bit of everything. One old couple always wear matching Denver Broncos gear. The choir director wears evening and cocktail dresses. Hats! Cowboy boots! Boho and prairie, military styling, lots of jeans and what were once work clothes on retirees.
    Katerina, you made my day! Wear those metallics. I hope I do not look like I just flew in from Dallas or Florida, have learned to like metallics from this site.
    Mirjana, thank you, that silvery leopard cardigan was found at a thrift store and it was love at first sight.
    Kkards, I love that ash dress as a basic canvas. Ash is not the best grey for me, but is a good basic. I do wear it with tan a lot.
    Angie, I thought I was getting a mid to high waist on those jeans and see what you mean. The waist needs to be taken in so they will stay up without a belt. I need to decide if they are worth all the work. Thank you for pointing out the problems. They also seem too short but look ok tucked into the pewter booties/ankle boots.

  • catherine replied 11 months ago

    Not qualified to give outfit advice, and I know I’ve said it before, but you have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen.

  • JAileen replied 11 months ago

    These are all gorgeous in their own way. I don’t have a favorite because I love them all.

  • Christina F. replied 11 months ago

    You look great! I do love the mixed metal outfit but agree with Angie on the rise. The cream bag in #1 is a great compliment to your hair and pearl earrings.

  • Cardiff girl replied 11 months ago

    The first outfit looks really chic and I like the sparkly colours of the second one,very festive.

  • taylor replied 11 months ago

    The white bag in #1 is just the right touch for that fab outfit !
    Love the gold jeans...very cool !

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thank you, beautiful stylish women, for your comments and help. Need to run to the next event today so sorry for the short reply. I really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

  • karen13 replied 11 months ago

    All are wonderful. The second outfit of metallics is my favorite. I love all those pieces. And the white bag is gorgeous in 1.

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thank you, Karen. I need to find a larger white bag, although wearing a smaller one can really make an outfit.

  • jussie replied 11 months ago

    I love those metallics. Glam!

  • Joy replied 11 months ago

    Thank you, Jussie, those metallics are a weapon against invisibility.

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