Cold Spring EF Layers

Inspired by Angie's EF post, I layered some EF chocolate brown pieces. The brown are all thrifted or EBay and the bittersweet orange sweater is from a Rack sale. I would like your thoughts. Are these looks overpowering me? I usually wear the brown silk pants rolled up a bit in summer as the length is not the best. Should I have them shortened for wide crops? Is the cardigan too short. Is the orange sweater too long for me? Is the orange too high contrast for the dark brown?

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  • The Cat replied 1 year ago

    I think you look fine. Elegant as always. The looks are not overpowering you. To me, the pants look a little too long, but OK. :-)

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Shorten pants to wide crops. Wear #1 as the combination. Red tunic is too long for wide bottoms. Layered necklaces look SUPER CUTE. Sorted. 

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, The Cat and Angie. Shortening the pants will be a great summer solution. I have a couple of sleeveless print tops that should work well with chocolate crops anyway.

  • smittie replied 1 year ago

    These looks are NOT overpowering.
    I think they look fantastic. All the gold is very nice on you.

    I have to laugh as I didn't see ANY of the things Angie saw initially, but she is so right about the pant and tunic lengths.

  • Brooklyn replied 1 year ago

    Yes, to shortening the pants. I think the colours look good on you. And I love love love how you have layered those necklaces. Fabulous with the clutch.

  • Runcarla replied 1 year ago

    The trousers will look awesome cropped! Another 'yay!' For the layered necklaces.

  • shevia replied 1 year ago

    Angie wrote (with more concision and clarity) exactly what I was thinking.

  • Dianna replied 1 year ago

    As always i love your outfits (chocolate brown, layering necklaces, shoe and clutch combo). I like the proportions better in your outfit than in the EF original inspiration.

  • Bijou replied 1 year ago

    Love your necklaces. So glad that Angie has given advice on the perfect pant length.

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Thank you, dear stylish women, for your comments and guidance. I had thought I might wear these silk pants in cold weather with silk long johns underneath, but I never did. Cropping then to a shorter length will make them more useful. The necklaces..well I was inspired to create the large jewelery usually shown with EF coutfits. Confession: The longest "necklace" is actually a chain belt which is not in style right now.. I need to invest in some proper jewellery.

  • Elizabeth P replied 1 year ago

    While the tunic is too long for wide pants, I do think it would be perfect with slimmer pants.  It's gorgeous.

    Agree to crop the pants. 

    Nicely done!  You are so great at taking Angie's inspirations and working with them.

  • Lyn D. replied 1 year ago

    Sorted by Angie and you are looking on trend and fabulous!

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