Can a faux fur vest work with a puffer?

I tried my faux fur vest over my puffer coat for extra warmth. Does this work? The last photo is the puffer without the vest. Actually the last photo is a longer puffer coat over a puffer jacket, so I am looking pretty puffy here. Too much? I'm trying to find new ways to keep warm. Comments and suggestions welcomed.

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  • chewyspaghetti replied 3 years ago

    I think it works

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    They both work for me, but does the furry vest really add warmth?

  • Jane replied 3 years ago

    Colours look lovely ... I'm not quite sure about the lengths...I was wondering if you wore it the other way around but that kind of defeats the purpose. Both lovely pieces.

  • Bijou replied 3 years ago

    Before seeing you in it, I would have said no, but this definitely works. The colours look great together. I hope it keeps you warm, those North American winters sound very cold.

  • Joyce B replied 3 years ago

    It looks good. The only thing is, it makes it hard to reach your coat pockets but maybe that is not a concern for you?

  • Sterling replied 3 years ago

    It looks great.  

  • Janet replied 3 years ago

    I like it. I just saw something very similar on a fashion blog (can't remember which one) and thought it looked fun. Great for the maximal trend.

  • RobinF replied 3 years ago

    I think it looks fun. I was wondering the same as Rachy though, does it really add much warmth?

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    It looks great, but I'm with Rachy on the question of whether it truly adds warmth! 

  • Karie replied 3 years ago

    It's a fun look, although I do prefer the puffer without the vest.

  • Tanya replied 3 years ago

    I think it works nicely - I have seen an interesting puffer hybrid recently: body was faux fur, sleeves and collars puffer, so your layers remind me of that.   I have personally worn only the opposite, a faux fur vest under a slightly looser puffer.

  • TraceyLiz65 replied 3 years ago

    I like it a lot!  

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Why not. 

  • bonnie replied 3 years ago

    It looks really good!

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    Thank you. I will wear this today to have layers for a long car ride in cold snowy weather. The vest is very warm for the core. I have worn it over my alpaca sweater dress instead of a coat.

  • JAileen replied 3 years ago

    I wore a jacket (Patagonia nanopuff) under my coat when we were in Turkey, it was so cold. The difference is I looked a navy blue Michelin man!

    Re the fur vest, I probably would have put it under the puffer, so that I'd still be wearing it when I went inside.

  • Sara L. replied 3 years ago

    I like the look.  Have you noticed whether it adds any substantial warmth?  I would think wearing the vest under the coat would be warmer, but it wouldn't look as cool. :)

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    I wore the vest over the puffer on most of the car trip. We stopped for lunch at a brewery that was pretty chilly inside. I took off the coat but wore the vest, then put the coat over the vest for the rest of the trip. The vest under the coat was a bit warmer than worn over, but worn on the outside, it was warmer than puffer alone. I also wore a cream colored cashmere scarf. When the sun goes down, I will need extra warmth. Maybe 2 layers of silk long underwear. The Vibram soled Merrells worked well on the icy parking lot and entrance to the AirB&B. I was grateful as I struggled with luggage

  • Style Fan replied 3 years ago

    I like the look.  We need to be creative during the winter.

  • shedev replied 3 years ago

    It looks good. I didn't expect to like it as much as I do.

  • minimalist replied 3 years ago

    You really make this work! Thanks for updating with the tip on layering-order results, too.

  • Bennett replied 3 years ago

    Nic + Zoe makes a Faux Fur Puffer Jacket that looks EXACTLY like what you have styled. The body is a variegated fur like your vest, the sleeves only are puffer. I love it and it is on sale on their web site but I can't get the site to work properly for me.

    So, do I have to say I love this on you?????? Yup!

  • AM replied 3 years ago

    Looks great.

  • Barbara Diane replied 3 years ago

    Thumbs up!

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